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Beware: Aokapaws/shoukema

All information is under the cut!

WHO: Aokapaws/shoukema (dA)


WHAT: 3 Doodle Commissions ($3.00 USD) - Please note that it isn't an issue of the amount paid, but the fact that the artist accepted a business contract and hasn't fulfilled their end of the deal.

WHEN: Paid June 21, 2015 - Ongoing

PROOF & EXPLAIN: For a condensed version, all the evidence needed can be found in this journal, as well as the comments on the artist's front page, but I'll enclose screenshots below, in the event it's deleted.

In June 2015, I commissioned Aokapaws/shoukema for three doodle commissions, which she was offering for only one dollar each. Foolishly, I paid for the commissions via the friends/family option, because it was such a small amount and I was trying to be nice. Lesson one, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. [SCREENSHOT]

You can also see in the above screenshot that I requested an update in September, to which I received this response. She tells me she's been busy, but the commissions will be posted the following weekend, which, of course, never happens. [SCREENSHOT]

When it's been six months, I request a refund. This comment was never responded to. [SCREENSHOT]

In May 2016, I requested a refund once more. Again, there's no response. [SCREENSHOT]

There are numerous other comments, requesting updates and/or refunds, on her front page and the commission journal itself. She seems to have vanished from her account altogether.

I want to comment that I believe she is underage, as she was stated to be thirteen in a custom box on her profile before her premium membership expired and it vanished, so this is more than likely a case of a minor who has bitten off more than they can chew and fled the scene when it became too much for them. Given her apparent age, I tried to remain as calm and friendly throughout this transaction as possible, despite my frustration. Still, this is a business transaction that was handled extremely poorly, so I would caution others from commissioning her, should she return, until she's more prepared to handle customers.

Thank you.

EDIT 07/17/16: Proof of Purchase

EDIT 10/16/16: On September 16th, I sent shoukema a note, again requesting a refund. It was as fruitless as I expected, but I did notice today that it was opened and read, as seen here.

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