mayoto (mayoto) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware: RachVerity

WHO: RachVerity


WHAT: Digital artwork, NSFW couples YCH commission

WHEN: November 27th 2015 to present

PROOF: Agreement of commission . Proof of payment . No refund . Currently blocked .

EXPLAIN: After commissioning the artist and all 4 ych slots were filled artist continued other ych commission projects. After a month the artist started other projects, to my knowledge only one slot of the original commission was completed (NSFW) . Most conversations were in shouts posted to the artists page which they have deleted. The artist has only given vague details as to my commissions completion ( until I requested the commission stopped. By that time it was passed PayPals 180 days for a dispute and the artist refused a full refund. A claim has been filed against the artist with PayPal while the artist has been arrogant through this process . This artist is deliberately scamming commissioners by delaying until the customer can't file for a refund.
Tags: artist-rachverity, beware

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