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Advice on finished product not received

Hello all,

So exactly a month ago I commissioned an artist for a badge that would be delivered in time for Anthrocon. They told me to follow their group chat on Telegram (which I rarely use) or Twitter (where they barely post) so I could find them at the con. After paying they promptly completed the art and sent me a screenshot of it instead of the full image, then posted the full image online.

Anthrocon comes and they say they're there for Friday and Saturday. I don't see them on Friday and they do not post anywhere about being there/delivering commissions on Friday; Saturday I was in suit for almost all of the day so I did not have my phone on me. A friend who also commissioned them for a badge got a text from them about going to the Westin to pick up their badge and came back later wearing it. I didn't know they had commissioned the same artist as them so I got excited and asked where the artist was, their response was in the lobby.
I took the skywalk over to the lobby only to not see them anywhere, however someone with lots of badges ended up complimenting my suit and I thought it was them. I ended up sitting and waiting for ~20 minutes before leaving. My fursuit is my fursona, the character on the badge, so there was no reason for them to not see me and approach me for delivery.

I checked Telegram and they later posted about going up to a room where they were reportedly delivering the last of the badges before leaving. I haul myself back there to find out they're not there. Okay.

After this there has been no posts about delivery or having badges mailed out. I checked their social media handles and FurAffinity only to discover them taking on more commissions but nothing about the missed badges (which from their photo there were 5-6). I sent them an e-mail on Sunday evening (7/10) about the badge and haven't received a response even with them posting on FA.

What should I do at this point? Do I just move on with my losses and just take the digital artwork piece as "finished" or should I send them another e-mail since it says on their page that they don't do notes? Should I file a PayPal claim to get their attention?
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