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Artist Beware ~ mrpickles66

WHO: mrpickles66 FA NSFW

WHERE: On Furaffinity via notes.

WHAT: Line art piece [X] of his Spaxk character [X]

WHEN: First note sent on July 4th at 5:30PM EST, finished artwork on July 8th and continuing trying to get the payment.

First note string [Read from bottom up] NSFW DISCUSSION

Second string [After artwork was done]

EXPLAIN: After a long day I check my FA notes to see if anymore commissions and I have a note saying "hi" and in it, they explain they want a piece of art, no explanation or what exactly they want. [X] he counitines to be a bit hard to get information out of until finally I start getting some answers. After what style he states he wants, he requests some scat and farting porn with on my commission price sheet it CLEARLY states what I do and do not do for NSFW pieces.[X][NSFW DISSCUSSION] This was my first red flag that something didn't seem right if he didn't read what was on the commission prices.

He then mentions that he wants to see it before it's done which is strange since it's a very simple line art commission and there tends to really be no WIP updates for it.[X] which also raises another HUGE red flag for me.

I finish the artwork anyway because I figure I could hope he would pay me, either way it's good practice. I note him up stating I was done and it's now time for payment. He starts trying and TRYING to get me to show him the finished artwork before he pays for it.[X] I stood my ground however. Then when it comes to payment he starts lying about sending it and still trying to see it [X] also mentioning that his Paypal "wasn't working" , then changing his story to that he doesn't have 5 dollars only 3.[X]

I send him one more note stating: "Or maybe this entire time you've be wanting to "see it" so you can just upload it elsewhere without having have paid for it."

He hasn't responded shockingly.

EDIT [July 13th 2016]:
He has since paid but I am still watching out for refunds so for a bit this may be resolved.

EDIT [July 28th 2016]:
He has since been banned off of Furaffinty however I just received an email from Paypal for a money request [because he can't get it refunded] from him.
Aka he is trying to get his money back from the completed artwork. Which has been given to him.

I set him a email in huge red font NO

EDIT [August 1st 2016]:
He has now taken it to claims for Paypal as a dispute and I right away filed for Paypal to make this a claim since he cannot be reasoned with.

EDIT [August 4th 2016]:
Paypal has oddly enough decided to refund me AND him at cost to them which is weird but this saga is now finally over.
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