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Peyton Carpenter/dusqueravelle

WHO: I am only including their name on here, as it started on FB and that is the name they have displayed on Facebook. And Peyton Carpenter on Facebook.

WHERE: Same as above.

WHAT: 40.00 downpayment on a Kigu.

WHEN: October 2014 to now.

PROOF: Intial transaction and attempts to contact via facebook:

Contact on FA after attempts to contact on Facebook had failed, and reply and agreement for refund which did not happen:

After failed refund, sent another note which goes unread to this day:

FA was apparently hacked, friend took over access to the account to remove the hacked image uploads. Contacted friend to see if there was another point of contact for seller:

Journal posted today (7/7/2016) asking for people to get in contact with her if they are owed something:

unable to contact due to block:

EXPLAIN: In October of 2014 I was looking through furry facebook groups for sales, seeing one for a Kigu I contacted the seller. a design was agreed on, price, and deposit was made that day. I was promised WIP's of the work, and it seemed like it would be a relatively quick turn around of a few months initially. After a few months I contacted them back. Over time, responses became less and less, until I eventually was given no response at all and my requests for contact ignored.
In an effort to get some contact, I attempted to contact them on their FA. I was initially greeted with a response! Great! I thought maybe we could just close out the whole situation and move on. I was promised a refund that coming saturday after a stream: Saturday came and went, no contact.
I let some time pass, maybe something had come up. I contacted them again, on FA. The note is still unread. When the note failed, I left a shout. I didnt think to cap it, and it is now removed. At some point after the shout was left, I got a note from someone (cannot find said note, if I do I will add a cap of it here) saying not to expect my money back, and the seller has done this before with many people waiting for refunds. Some more time passes, and their account was apparently hacked for awhile, a friend had taken over their account for the mean time to remove the hacked images. I contacted the friend in an effort to establish a new form of communication, as FB had been ignored for a long time, and FA had been the only form of contact I had had in months.

I thought to myself, awesome, at least they know and will get in touch with me after the move and life stuff. Things happen, I understand completely. Time passes. I moved back to facebook, per the first screen shot to try and get in contact again. Ignored once more. Today (7/7/2016) I see a journal from their FA. Great, they are back, maybe we can get this resolved. Journal says to contact them if you are owed anything.

I attempted to contact her via note, only to find out that I was blocked.

That leaves us where we are now. I am blocked, unable to get resolution at this time. I have to say I am very disappointed, I was and have been willing to work with this person. Reading back over some of the facebook messages, I probably should have worded some of them differently. The comments about noticing an icon change so I know they are active seem a little stalkerish in my mind now, but at the time I thought it was a good way to let them know I did notice they were recently active and I would like a contact back.

EDIT: After I submitted this beware I attempted to contact them on facebook once again:

Today has come and gone, no refund once again.
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