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Advice: Being ignored??

On May 31st last month, i created a YCH comic and a user had autobuyed it the same night after bidding against other people. Seems all fine and dandy. They were pretty happy and excited to see their OC being in the comic and mentioned that they wanted to work close with me via contact to ensure that it looked perfect to them, along with changes made to it if it looks off. After the user sent responded to my Paypal invoice, I immediately started on it and worked with them. After drawing the first three panels, they mentioned that the third panel's hand looked off, the breasts were too large and the outline on the clothes looked off on their OC. Because i didn't wanna hop on FA everyday to respond to their messages, i decided to ask if they had a Skype. They did and i added them. They then told me the hand and breasts were off, they also said this on FA.

Granted, i never specified anything in my auction saying that the sketch won't be altered and I know i'm at fault for that and will add that for future reference. I never had to make changes on a body for a YCH until now. For the issues about the hand, clothes and breasts, the breasts were drawn to match with the sketch 100%, as always. The clothing outline they're talking about is probably them referring to the folds in the clothes. I can't draw folds that well but i do my best so they don't look flat. As for the hand, i drew it with some changes because it looked off in the sketch with some minor errors in my eyes that i didn't notice. In addition, i'm still getting the hang of drawings hands and fingers (I use my own as a reference and they're pretty small compared to the average hand). Here's the hand they were not too happy with, by the way. http://i.imgur.com/rGcmblW.jpg

Since then, i made changes to the body to match more closely with their OC. But, i haven't heard any response from this person after i told them this with a screenshot of the changes. Their Skype shows that they live in Australia and i know timezones can be an issue. What's really bothering me is the fact that they HAVE read my messages on FA after i sent the Skype message to them but they never responded.

Here's the message in question from FA, below it is a picture showing the message has been read.

And this is the conversation i had with them via Skype.

Since then, I haven't heard a single word from this person. There are times i see them online when i'm going to bed and they never really reply to my messages. They seem to read them on FA with no problem, so why not respond?? I haven't attempted to finish this comic because if i do, I know there will be changes that have to be made and i need their approval first before i go on ahead.

I never had this situation before with anyone and this is really concerning me and messing up my flow since i do YCH's in the order it was purchased and it feels strange having to skip this to work on other ones before this one. But i have to ensure every customer i have is a happy customer.
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