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How long do I wait?

I am kinda at the end of my rope with this guy so I'm hoping to get some less livid perspective.

I started a YCH auction a while back that two people fought over. The winner was outbidding the other participant by pennies (my fault there as I did not set a minimum bid but still kinda douchy) so the other participant eventually gave up and let the guy have it. All was fine at first. I asked for his references and his PayPal so I could send an invoice.
Nothing. No reply.
Ok.... maybe he mass purges his comments? Many people do that. So I note him. He had no idea who I was and had totally forgotten in only 4 days that he had even bid on the silly thing. I reminded him which seemed to jog his memory and he finally coughed up his reference and e-mail address.
I sent along the invoice, saying that I would start the picture once the payment came through. Now normally I don't like to do this but this guy was practically beating me upside the head with red flags so I decided it was time to cover my own tail. I waited another 4 days.
So I noted him again thinking maybe I got the wrong address? Still need that invoice paid up so I can start!
He claims he never got it.
So I screen capped the invoice, including the section that showed the e-mail address he sent me, and even removed the due date on it in case it was causing some sort of issue.
No reply.
It has been two weeks now, both messages are being listed as unread in my outbox, and nobody has seen hide or tail of this guy in at least 5 days. Considering he can't seem to remember the auction only 4 days later and then can't seem to find the invoice, I am starting to wonder if this is even worth it.
Is there something I am doing wrong with the invoice? I am having a really hard time figuring it out since he won't answer any of my mail! What do I do? The last time someone took this long paying me, he got hit by a bus and went missing for two years (and STILL to this day has not paid me)!
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