Kayla-Na (kayla_na) wrote in artists_beware,

Need Some Advice/Community's Opinion

I'm kind of having this dilemma atm. I've commissioned an artist back in March of this year for a quick art piece. I've commissioned said artist before, and never really had a problem with them before on terms of business. This latest commission though, I've been waiting for a while. Like, two months. And I didn't see my name on their que list. So in May, I poked the artist and inquired about an update about my commission. My note was read on FA, but I got no reply for like a week.

After a week, I poked them again, asking if everything is ok, and that I asked again about my commission. They said stuff was going on in their personal life, and that they were working on it. Ok, no big deal. I know that life throws curve balls, but keeping your customers in the dark for two months makes one kind of worry.

My name gets added on their que list finally, and I just gave them space. Haven't seen any sort of update for another month, but said artist was apparently updating their tumblr, and they accepted another round of commissions when I saw no sort of progress on mine (Like, I didn't see anything/proof that mine was being worked on).

So, I kind of just got fed up after this point, and politely asked for my money back, because with the stuff going on in her personal life, and the lack of updates, I just wanted to cut my loss of time and just take my business elsewhere with my refunded money. She read my note, didn't reply, but two days later, my commission suddenly shows up in her gallery.

It's not what I originally wanted, but I didn't specify clearly after rechecking my description (I wanted my character clothed, and sent her drawings of him in clothes in the original journal, but I sent another ref I forgot of my character in notes as well). My fault on this part commission description-wise, but I wanted my money back, I didn't even care about the art anymore.

Anyways, I'm asking the community if it's worth bringing this up to the artist about the whole not refunding, and immediately doing the commission after I asked for my money back, or just move on or..something. I'm a little frustrated at this point.
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