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Charity Auction Advice

I was thinking about setting up a charity commission auction to go towards orlando shooting victims / the community. I think is set up by the mayor and looks credible?

Anyways what I had in mind was something alone the structure of:
- artist(s) can offer different kinds of noncommercial, for personal use commissions within a time limit
- bids will happen within a timeframe by anyone who's interested

I've seen this done before but never actually organized anything along this scale.

So questions:
1) In the end who would handle the money?
When I did charity commissions before by myself, I had commissioners send the sum to me and I donated the entire lump sum via paypal charity holiday event because it added a 1% to the total. It took me 1-2 months to finish them all though, which was super exhausting.

I think most of the commissioners last time knew me and trusted me to donate the full amount (I also have records of all transactions, but wasn't sure if I needed to post them publicly).

With multiple artists this seems like it might get messy?

I was thinking of having commissioners donate straight to the website and send a confirmation, but then if the artwork wasn't delivered then they would have no recourse.

2) Is there any legal issue/TOS that would need to be written up in order to do this? I was thinking just within artists that I know(?) and not a huge open to everyone approach. But even then I'm unsure about what it would mean.

3) Organization - where is the best place to hold this?
I think I/friends have the biggest following on dA, but with dA journal comments being editable, would that be an issue? It does keep a log of previous edits though.

Sorry for the amateurish questions!
I'm just trying to gauge how large of an effort this would be before getting any bigger ideas.

Thanks for reading!
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