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Pony woes

I've watched the group from afar for a long time but I've luckily never had any reason to post! I'm not sure if this person is genuinely confused or if this was an attempt to get free art?

WHO: Ecanusiofiel (Deviantart)

WHERE: (notes)

WHAT: Full body, flat-colour commission of their HRPG horse.

WHEN: -Commission request received on May 15th
-Response and quote sent May 21
-Sketch sent for approval and payment in full ($25 USD) requested May 22
-No response received, reminder note sent June 4th
-Received note that payment had been sent June 4th, and it all goes downhill from here...


EXPLAIN: I had opened some fully-body flat colour commissions and received a request to draw this user's HRPG horse on May 15th. I responded to the request on May 21 and gave a quote which they agreed to. I made-up a sketch and sent it the next day for approval and payment in full before proceeding to lines/colour.

This is where it started to go south. I waited for a few days and didn't hear from them but figured I'd wait a little longer. I sent a reminder on June 4th asking for approval and payment. They responded the same day and said that they forgot, which whatever it happens. I checked my Paypal later that day but saw no payment; but since Paypal can be a pain sometimes I decided to wait a couple of days and see if the money would appear. By June 10th I hadn't received anything and let them know that there may be an issue and that I could send an invoice instead if the money had not yet left their account. After four more days of silence I sent a notice that I would be terminating the agreement as I had not received payment or any communication.

They responded immediately by telling me that they thought the commission was already cancelled since I claimed that I hadn't received the money and they “simply shook” their “head and let it go”. I just don't even. Who does this? I thought I had been open and reachable the entire time and don't really understand what would cause someone to just shrug and walk away from $25 dollars sent to someone else for a service. Also incredibly not impressed of the accusation that I've stolen anything. Sort of fuming.

[Edit for clarity] Sorry, I forgot to say that after their last note they blocked me. The white note in the series is what I was going to say back but never got the chance.
Tags: beware, comm-ecanusiofiel
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