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TOS advice needed!

I'm currently setting up a new TOS for when I open my services again once my space is renovated.
I haven't posted a lot on A_B but I've been a long-time post stalker and I've seen countless times commenters say how TOS's aren't a legally binding contract.
My TOS in its current state says what a person requesting my services can't do after I've completed and publicly posted said service.
With that in mind, how do I protect myself with my TOS from people who figure out I can't legally hold them to it?
On a side note, no money is passing hands, it's there for more of a protection of my good name online.

The TOS: (It's for character reviews and this fandom I'm doing them for is "particular" about characters and reviews)

1) By submitting you OC (Original Character) in the comment section below and specifying for review you are agreeing to the rest of this T.O.S.
2) All reviews are posted publicly, you may not ask for a review to be private.
3) In the case of a W.I.P. (Work-in-progress) character, you will not send me updates on the character after you have submitted the character to me.
4) I am not responsible for any unwanted comments or extra critiques by third parties after or before the post of the review.
5) You have asked me specifically to review your character, I have not randomly chosen a character to review without your permission.
6) This is a character that you want a critique and honest opinion on.
7) I own nothing in the review except my own words and any drawings that I myself have made for the video or thumbnail.
8) I do not attack, favor, or hold grudges against people, reviews are neutral and I do not rate a character depending on my relationship with the character's creator.
9) The character that you submit to me is your original character (not a friend's character) created on original or credited lines and is not heavily influenced by another character or copies one completely.
10) You will not rush me or ask that I make your review priority.
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