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Urgent Advice Needed (RESOLVED)

This is my first time posting to Artist Beware's, so I hope I am following the correct proccedures for this. At the moment, I am only looking for advice, but I will post a beware if needed.

I originally commissioned an artist for an image of my character roughly a week ago, to be done in stream that night. The artist had posted slots for the commission, and they filled rather quickly. I paid right away. However, mine was not done in stream due to the artist being out of several time zones, I believe, causing most commissioners to be out of the stream while she was doing it. She then decided to stream the next night, which she didn't.

A few days fast forward and I awoke to a journal by them saying they were going on a 2 month hiatus, because their heart wasn't in it to draw anymore. Normally, I would understand, but they 1.) Deactivated their PayPal and 2.) Disabled their notes, while also stating that they may draw their own characters in time and that they simply needed the money faster than they could complete commissions.

I am rather upset and miffed about this, it really seems like they are trying to run off with everyone's money, especially since they deactivated their PayPal after more than likely pulling all of the money out of it. I am on the verge of writing an email under right now demanding a refund, but should I wait and be patient with them? I was not warned of their artist's block when paying for the piece.

Edit: Artist swiftly delivered a refund after contact through email was made, and handled themselves professionally throughout it. Beware will not be posted.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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