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Customer beware : BabyBlueFox

WHO: Babybluefox on FA


WHAT: A fully shaded digital pic with complex background

WHEN: Commission details finialised on april 12th, Problem arose on June the 1st once commission was finished


EXPLAIN: Everything seemed fine we got the final details of the pic hashed out on April 12th and I got to work, then May happened with various FA outages and other RL stuff getting in the way that I kept watchers up to date via journals. My communication was poor here and the client has a point that I should have notified him personally sooner that there was a delay in his commission rather than relying on journals to inform all commissioners at once. That was poor business practice on my part and I acknowledge that.

I managed to find some additional extra time to finish the lineart for approval which the client seemed genuinely happy with. So I finished up the coloured and shading and gave him the finished pic. That's when it went wrong. Telling me I had missed a heap of stuff that up until that point hadn't been mentioned. Things like markings that weren't on his ref sheet and characters that hadn't been discussed, earrings and tattoos that were in fact on the ref sheet but not on the character itself so I did miss those. I was annoyed by this but I agreed to do the edits including edits to lineart which I don't do once lineart has been approved....for him to basically say he wasn't interested wasn't prepared to deal with me any longer and wasn't prepared to pay.

He then proceeds to go to Facebook and be fairly vile about me. Apparently this guy is well known for being very easy to agitate and fly off the handle.

I never take money from a commissioner until they are satisfied with the artwork. I know this is again bad business practice but I work best when getting paid at the end of the job. This is the first time in 5 years that I've really had this issue. I feel pretty bad about this cause I really enjoyed working on the artwork and actually was pretty proud of the finished piece.
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