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Artists Beware: Lingling-Arts of DA

WHO: Lingling-arts

WHERE: Lingling-Arts

WHAT: A digital YCH for two characters for 500 points (roughly the equivalent of $5.00)

WHEN: The YCH was submitted on February 1st 2016, and I contacted her the same day. Our last interaction was on May 23rd, 2016.

Some links are provided within explanation.

EXPLAIN: On February 1st, I saw a really cute Valentines Day YCH was posted. Since I had points to spare, and it was within my limited price range, I scooped it up. I transferred 500 points to her.

The first was completed on February 5th, and the next was submitted the next day. It was kind of strange, since it appeared she had skipped over me (I was the first) and went onto the next people. I didn't think much about it. She submitted the next, and so far last one, on February 12th.

The day before Valentines Day came, and she posted a journal. It was about her entering an artistic slump, so there wasn't going to be much art coming. I was a bit disappointed due to not getting it in time, but I didn't fret. It was going to be a cute pic any of my favorite anthros. About two weeks pass, and she posts another journal on February 27th. She claims she has no inspiration, she's leaving, that she knew taking on 5 slots for her YCH was a bad idea, and she'll repay the remaining people.

Alright, stuff happens. I'm very sad that I wouldn't be getting the pic I really wanted, but at least I'll get my points back. March comes along, and I'm getting kind of impatient. I ask her if I'll be getting them back soon, and she says she doesn't have any at the moment.

March 8th, March 14th, and March 17th she steadily posts art again.

On March 18th, she posts another YCH.

She completes the slot on that and does two more pieces on the 20th and May 20th. On the last piece, she mentions her inspiration came back for a moment, but left her as soon as she completed it.

Fed up, I warn her on May 23rd that if I don't have my points back by June 1st, I'll be making an artists beware. She tells me to go ahead, and that she's lost all her inspiration and has no points to give me.

May 30th comes, and she posts a journal. She states she's not coming back because her inspiration has left her. She also says she doesn't care if we report her for not returning our points.

It may have been just 5.00, but 5.00 wasted. I don't care about inspiration, I paid you to do something and you've scammed me. I haven't reached out to the other person who hadn't received any art from her, so I do not know if she paid him back or not.

Current Mood: Mad

Update 12/17/16 - Today I have recevied my points from Lingling back in full. I'd mark this as a resovled.
Tags: artist-lingling-arts, resolved


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