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Client Beware: Bakasnowbunny

WHERE: and

WHAT: Partial fursuit commission, later refunded.

WHEN: February 22nd; payment was held until March 14th.
Refund issued on May 20th.

PayPal transactions are above.
Unfortunately my Gmail isn't letting me retrieve the emails sent from February to March. I updated them weekly as I was working on other commissions for clients whose payments were received before hers. I'll explain what went down in those emails below.
Initial reference sheet given:
Colors change from pink to purple (were pink on the reference sheet, later change to purple when the design changes)
She asks about the color again 2 days after ordering the fur, which she had approved then. The new reference comes up a few days after this but I can't seem to find that e-mail.
Having the nose moved: (in reference to where the nose was first)
Her asking about the dots above the eyes when I mention the ones UNDER the eyes (so maybe there's another dot not on the reference sheet?):
Me refunding her, starting with the tail issues:
Twitter posts:
Her boyfriend sent me notes on FA, again blaming me for her depression:
FurAffinity journal about me:

EXPLAIN: In late March I started working on my clients fursuit. I should have refunded them then, because despite saying that she was patient she would ask for changes (the nose, for instance, was moved 4 times), questioned how I did things compared to others (not as a compliment, as if I was doing it wrong) and she gave me odd measurements (I have it recorded that her hip to heel measurement is 44" and the head size changed three times). I was sent two different reference sheets, which changed in late March again. I was incredibly patient until we got to the tail, in which the furs she picked out herself were apparently not long enough, and she questioned how I made it. At this point I put my foot down and decided to refund her. She threw a fit at work, blamed me for her depression, sent her boyfriend after me, posted about me on Twitter and then later made a journal after the supplies arrived.
She would not give me her PayPal address or shipping address so I had to find them through PayPal myself; she switched off receiving payments while I looked too (as there was a period of time where she wouldn't answer my emails). She was taking PWYW commissions during this time so that's how I know she switched it off on me.
I sent her everything I had involving the commission: fabric, the base, feet, tail, claws, patterns, etc. I was more than halfway done with the commission when it was refunded which is why this situation is difficult.

A week after canceling her father decided to contact me on behalf of the commission. He sends me very threatening e-mails and demands a larger refund than what I had given her. He even gives me his phone number and asks me to call him (which I don't do; the phone number was sent in a side e-mail that I did not include because it solely contained the number alone).
He also forwards me the first set of measurements I was sent which I have left some notes on.

There is an error somewhere where I mention her shoe size is US women's 8 instead of 10 1/2. I have it marked that I got her 10 1/2 shoes. (The purchase through eBay)

Do not work with this individual. It's unfortunately one of those situations where you just can't please someone, no matter how hard you try.

EDIT June 1st 4:30PM: More tweets about me.

EDIT June 4th 6:45PM: Found this in my spam as I was looking for an e-mail from another artist that accidentally went there. My parents are fully aware of the matter and will not be contacting him as they helped me with the number crunching with the refund and relaying of e-mails with him.

EDIT June 9th 7:00PM: Came home to see that the client (or her father) issued a chargeback on my account.

EDIT July 27: A second chargeback has been issued by the father.
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