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Subject: Artist Beware: Commissioner fr0stbit3 also known as Wyldfire

WHO: fr0stbit3 or Wyldfire

WHERE: Commission was taken via twitter and google docs. Communication was done through email.

WHAT: Wing-it Chibi Commission

WHEN: Initial commission form was completed 3/21, commission was completed 5/18, final changes to the image were completed 5/19
(should be noted that these are generally completed faster but I was envoled in a car accident)

PROOF: All screenshots and art will be posted below


On 3/21 I took my 4th batch of chibi commissions, this being one of them. Commissioner provided their details and paid promptly. Commission cost $50.

Here is the screenshot of the commission form splashpage.

Please note the guidelines and the examples.

On 5/18 I emailed the completed commission to Fr0stbit3. Here is the response.

At this point I figured the commissioner was not as happy as they could have been, but I did the work as described and figured the commission complete. The commissioner agreed that he would take the commission as is. He seemed fine with it and then asked about me making changes. I let him know the cost of re-sketching, re-inking and re-coloring those areas to his specifications.

This is where communication went downhill. After I let him know the costs for changes he became frustrated with the cost and I explained that characters are simplified as part of the commission.

You can see in the screencaps that the commissioner continues to become more irate as time went on and I contiued to re-state my TOS. Finally, the emails came to a point where they were causing me stress and distracting me from work so rather than argue more, I went ahead and made the requested changes free of charge.

I enformed him of the TOS:
New email tread started:
My email in return explaining my reasoning and letting him know to not commission me again:

The client then emailed me back with the image and circled all of the errors in the image.

Email about the errors:
Larger view of errors:

The final commission I sent him with the requested changes:

After this, there were a few more rude emails so I stopped responding.

Edited to fix a link
Tags: beware, comm-wyldfire7/fr0stbit3/fr0stbit3work

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