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Beware: Artist: Eulerami/the-sword-saint

WHO: Eulerami

WHERE: Eulerami.tumblr.com / the-sword-saint.tumblr.com

WHAT: Digital art (apologies for some lack of screenshots, an unreliable method of messaging was used (tumblr fan mail) and some chunks on my end are missing)
I requested a painting of one of my original Thief fancharacters (a series she was familiar with, which led to our mutual following), in an appropriate forested setting.
** A misunderstanding occurred and she drew a completely different character in a completely different setting than I had requested, and I had not caught the error the first time it came up (I did not make the connection that the image she sent me was part of the commission because it was so radically different than the reference image and setting).

WHEN: Contact was initiated in Early May (the original tumblr post appears to be gone) discussing emergency commissions. I messaged them and sent them the upfront payment of $25 on May 21, 2015.
Because I used an unreliable messaging system, they never received my reference images and began to draw the wrong character. I mistakenly did not recognize the problem until 26 days later on June 16, 2015. At this point, I corrected the issue and emailed them with the appropriate references.
An additional 27 days passed with no mention about the progress of the commission, and around July 13, 2015 is when I began to grow very concerned about the state of the commission.
A general statement was made July 27, 2015 stating she was no longer working on commissions.
I heard no word back about my commission until she opened up commissions again May 5, 2016 and initiated contact.

1 - Original correspondance of the agreement to the commission
2 - Eulerami asking me what I'd like to have completed and agreeing to the transaction
15 - Proof of payment
** Note: reference image of character was sent, however the assumption is that Eulerami never got my message
4 - Aknowledging payment, describing setting for commission and Eulerami stating she would begin work
5 - After messaging them about the length of time it was taking, I got an update from them
6 - Eulerami sent me a link to their progress (June 16th), but I noticed she had the wrong character and messaged them back about the issue
7 - I clearly indicated earlier what type of setting I would like (docks or woods) which were disregarded, and though I assume my reference images never went through, Eulerami also never made any clarification on the matter. However I take responsibility for not catching the issue earlier.
8 - Issue resolved; character being corrected to the right one
9 - July 23, messaged them again about how it was taking a long time and was assured it would be completed shortly
10 - July 27, Eulerami made a general post indicating that she was dropping all requests to work on her project; I received no message on this personally
11 - May 5 the following year, Eulerami opened up commissions again
12 - I messaged them reminding them of my commission and they stated they did not have my payment, despite clearly remembering having worked on it (with the whole misunderstanding)
13 - Emailed them proof of payment and told that it will be completed soon

Eulerami opened up emergency commissions, and I sent her $25 in payment with the understanding that I would also get a commission. At first it was very good, communications were excellent and we were exchanging information via tumblr. I sent in my reference images, and waited for the commission.

From my understanding the message never went through despite me sending it, and Eulerami never received the reference image, and instead assumed I meant a different OC than the reference I tried to send. So when a WIP came into my inbox, I wasn't aware that it was meant to be the commission until much later since the character and setting were completely different than what I had originally requested. I apologized profusely for the misunderstanding, and this time sent the reference images through email to ensure they made it through this time.

After that, I stopped hearing word about the commission entirely, except when I was the one initiating contact.

Again, after this brief exchange, there was a lot of silence and no word at all about what was going on and when I might be getting it other than "soon".

Naturally, I was content to be patient since she was working on multiple projects, and I understand what it's like to have a lot of things to do.

On July 27, 2015 (67 days after I commissioned them), Eulerami posted a message:

This message was a general post, and not once did Eulerami communicate directly with me that she would be working on my commission or pausing it. After this point, I had dead silence from them about everything regarding the commission.

On May 5, 2016, Eulerami posted a new message opening up commissions:

I messaged them again about the status of my commission and she said she didn't remember receiving any payment for the commission, so i had to send them screenshot to remind her that she had the payment

As of May 19, 2016, I have still not heard any word back on my commission or any progress yet.

UPDATE (6/27/2016): Eulerami has stated she will not be finishing my commission and that she will refund me. I have yet to receive my refund.

UPDATE (6/29/2016): I received a refund and the sketch of my commission (to note, Eulerami had stated she'd redone the sketch with the CORRECT character and lined it/that it was ready to color, but it was the same character as before/still incorrect), and would like to mark this as resolved. I also want to apologize, as I had messed up typing her other tumblr username and edited it from the-saint-sword to the-sword-saint to amend my error. I will update with screenshots ASAP.

Our last correspondence before I received my refund. (Sorry about the additional update, I'm done now. Thanks guys!
Artist's beware has moved!
Do NOT repost your old bewares. They are being archived.


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May. 22nd, 2016 04:16 am (UTC)
Honestly tumblr has the absolute worst messaging system and I'm surprised there are people still using them for business transactions. Putting aside it's spotty record of just eating messages, it's also impossible to sift through. I feel like, having never received any kind of message, and (if the artist has been on the site long) knowing tumblr's track record for eating messages, especially ones containing links (something is up with their coding re:links in fan mail that makes getting them through kind of spotty), the artist could have probably followed up with you and messaged you asking what you specifically wanted instead of making assumptions and diving in. To each their own when it comes to work, but when money is changing hands, I'd rather be safe than sorry myself.

Feels like a lot of shoddy communication on the artist's part, and it's a shame. I really hope you can rope them down and get this sorted out.

But mostly I just wanted to say, EYYYY A FELLOW TAFFER! I'm always suuuuper excited to meet another Thief fan. 83c
May. 22nd, 2016 05:02 am (UTC)
Hey fellow Taffer! :D We're both happy to meet other fans haha.

Tumblr's fan mail and messaging system is horrible, though I had figured the artist would just shoot me a message if they were uncertain of what I wanted in order to clarify.

I'm hoping they'll finish my art and we can be done with it, I really don't want to start anything and just want what I paid for. :C It feels like over a year with little to no communication is too long, especially given the circumstances. I have to wonder if other commissioners have gotten what they paid for, but I don't know if anyone's said anything or not.
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