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Advice about a repeat scammer? (UPDATE)

Update (6/23/16): I contacted the DA help desk as some suggested, and I'd just first like to point out DA's utter incompetency in handling such situations. It took over a month to receive a reply, and even when I did, it only said that IP addresses can't confirm a person's identity (even though DA does use IP bans?) and that I should "only engage with members whom [I] trust fully". A full month, to write that response? Thanks, DA.

I also tried to send PayPal a message through their message center but I'm not sure it went through, since I haven't received any reply at all and I can't view my message center for some reason. I'll try again when I have time and I'll try to finish up the beware as well!


Around half a year ago on DA, I commissioned someone who tried to scam me by using fake commission examples. I was eventually refunded after threatening a dispute, but recently I found out that this same person was back, impersonating other talented artists and has already scammed a lot more people. Every time they're found out, they simply deactivate and disappear. I had already started writing a beware, but just a few days ago it turned out that they were continuing to do this on even more accounts. So far they've probably impersonated other artists on at least a dozen different accounts. Is writing a beware even worth it at this point, if they can just switch accounts whenever they're found out? Has anyone else ever dealt with a situation like this, and if so, how did you resolve it?
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