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Advice on waiting for overdue commission?

So allow me to explain, on April 10th I commissioned a user on DA (I won't disclose their username unless I end up making a beware on them) for a 50 by 50 icon of one of my characters since they had made a journal saying they would be taking a number of slots for 50 by 50s for only 5 points (which amounts to 5 real cents before taxes). Great deal right? I got in the queue and sent my payment out the same day as well as linking them to the character I wanted in the icon. Fast-forward a few days and I see them get a whole bunch of icons done, awesome! Then something a little troubling happens, they get down to the person in queue ahead of me and skip them and me and finish the last person in the queue's icon. I was a little confused by this but I waited a few more days before checking again, still nothing. When they completed the commissions they linked the finished icon next to the buyer's icon in the journal, so I started checking those out and I found out something even more troubling, most if not all of the icons had been done on a free base found somewhere around the site, they hadn't disclosed before that they would be making these icons on bases, this lead me to believe this was why they had halted progress on my commission as my character wasn't a normal animal like a cat, dog, rodent, etc. I have yet to contact them (although I may today as today marks a whole month since I sent payment) because they put at the bottom on their journal, "Please don't rush me, these take time." and I'm a very non-confrontation person. About a week after initially sending payment I commissioned another user and they finished my commission (a 100% original pixelart drawing, no bases) within a couple of days after sending payment. Although I can't say for the user ahead of me in the queue who was also skipped, I have a lurking fear that this problem occurred because I called out a friend of their who was tracing art, the person (who I'm having troubles with now) freaked out that people would accuse their friend of such a thing and made multiple journals cussing out anyone who asked their friend to take down the traced art (Surprise surprise, the art actually WAS traced and was taken down because of it). I was once of these people who asked the friend to take down their art (in a respectful manner, again I'm non-confrontational so I tired to do it in the most pacifist way possible) so I fear the person I'm trying to commission may have a grudge against me.
In the meantime while I waited for the art, I've seen the person post personal art, start a comic, make a journal looking for commissions, and other non-commission-related activities.
A few days ago they posted a journal stating they had finally finished school and were going to be more active with art, I though Great, maybe this is why I waited so long! but then they started the aforementioned comic...

If I could have any advice on how to approach this situation correctly, I'd love to hear, thank you!
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