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Report on Onnanoko

WHO: Onnanoko

Rainfurrest 2015

WHAT: Artist was paid $80 for a three-character digital art piece while at RainFurrest 2015. Commission was agreed upon in person and paid for up-front over Paypal.

WHEN: Initial payment was made on September 26th, 2015. First contact email to explain details of the commission sent on September 27th. First email requesting an update on the commission sent on October 9th with no reply. Second email requesting an update of the commission was sent on October 24th with no reply. Third email requesting an update sent on November 29th with no reply. Fourth email requesting an update sent on January 1, 2016 with no reply. Fifth email containing ultimatum of commission update or reporting to Artist Beware and an invoice for the refund by the end of the month sent on April 17th with no reply. Invoice email for refund sent out on May 1.

Initial Contact:
First Check-In:
Second Check-In:
Third Check-In:
Fourth Check-In:
Final Check-In:
Conversing with the FA user (see Explain):
Refund Invoice:

EXPLAIN: Artist was met at Rainfurrest 2015 and agreed to a three-character commission done digitally and "take home", as the convention was coming to a close and there was insufficient time to have it get done before. The email containing the details of the commission was sent the very next day. Five emails requesting an update on the commission were sent out over the next seven months (from October 2015 to April 2016) with no replies. Refund invoice sent out on May 1. Emails were accompanied by shouts onto the artist's FurAffinity page (listed above), however those shouts and the shouts of other customers who had not been contacted seem to have been removed, though their correspondence to me over notes has been provided under proof.

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