irayoshi (irayoshi) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware: Codeine

WHO: Codeine

WHERE: Furaffinity (NSFW) If the journal gets removed, notify me, I have screenshots of that, too.

WHAT: Commission that was never, ever worked on.

WHEN: Nearly two months ago, March 11th,


EXPLAIN: I've been waiting very patiently for this. The journal states that the commission would be finished by the end of that week, but she continues to take on more commissions and apparently ignore some. I've sent her plenty of emails, wanting nothing more than to check up on how it has been going, or to know if she is even working on it at all. I've also asked to be refunded about a month later, but she has no funds to give. At that time, she also stated that she could do the work in a day, and I was trying to be polite, saying that she didn't have to rush on it. I didn't realize that meant she would not work on it at all.
Tags: artist-codeine, beware

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