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About Starfinder

I am making this post for a friend, who no longer has access to post to Livejournal. Any input or advice is more than welcomed by her. Thanks!

"Much as I'm loathe to do this, I really have to make a post regarding Starfinder.

In September last year I purchased a print of "Heart of Glass" from Starfinder. It arrived within a month, but to my disappointment, it was of an extremely low quality - very off-colour and blotchy. Starfinder was very obliging about replacing the print and within 24 hours, she had sent me photos of the new print, which looked excellent. And so, the replacement was supposed to be mailed out.

I'm still waiting.

I'd been in touch many times to ask about where it is, and I've been told it hadn't been sent, it was packed up, her mother forgot to mail it, she had lost my address, and more recently (the past few months) I've had no response at all. In May, she apologized and said that she had also made a con badge which she had packed in with the print, but I've not had a response since then. I've tried email and LJ comments to no avail. In the past, I contacted her via AIM but I really don't want to have to go on to complain at her again and get fobbed off again.

I really just want to receive the print, but I'm tired being ignored, and this seems like the only way to go. Sorry, Starfinder, but I stuck up for you over your past problems and this is not a good way to treat your customers at all.

- Korrok"
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