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Beware - Honesty. /H0nesty

WHO: honesty. (FA), h0nesty(DA)
WHAT: I bought a Huion tablet from them, never recieved it. After two months I requested a refund.
WHEN: Paid Feb. 11, 2016, have not recieved tablet or refund.
PROOF: Post about selling the tablet (Cap) ,   Notes between us 1 2
EXPLAIN: A buddy linked me to the post about the tablet, I thought it was a great deal and jumped on it. Things seemed to be going well at first, I paid and she said the would mail it out the next day.
A little over a week goes by and I hadn't heard anything, so I asked if it had been sent yet. She stated that it hadn't because some things had come up. She said that she would send it out asap, and I was cool with it.
Another week goes by without hearing anything, and I asked for a refund as some urgent stuff came up in my own life (emergency vet bills). She replied saying that she had sent it out that morning.
I didn't hear anything about it for two weeks so I shot her another note, and she seemed surprised that it hadn't gotten here. At this point I had my doubt that it had been sent at all. 10 days go by with no contact so I noted her again, and she told me it had been sent back to her address for some reason. She offered a two part refund, which I was going to accept but I still really wanted the tablet.  I thought that maybe it was just being sent out with insufficent postage, so I offered to pay for priority shipping, and she was supposed to get back to me with the cost. I didn't hear anything for a week and at that point I gave up on reciveng the tablet from her.
I sent a note letting her know I had ordered a tablet from elsewhere and requested a refund. She said she would try to resell  the tablet to refund me and that has been the last I have contacted her.

I was mildy annoyed at the vague response, but I was going to give it until friday before I contacted her again, since she had said that is when her parents get paid. However, I noticed she had posted this a couple days after I had requested the refund, which pushed me into making this post. It honesty feels like she is going to drag her feet on refunding me, and I am worried I may never get one. I also have no confidence in someone recieving the tablet if she does manage to resell it. I have been considering doing a chargeback through paypal, although I'd rather not have it come to that.

***update***   - This has been resolved, last night (4/20) Honesty. sent me the full amout of the refund.
Tags: artist-honesty./h0nesty/sailorbases, resolved

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