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WHO: Joojoo

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/joojoo/

WHAT: A full coloured ych won via auction.

WHEN: February 16th up until March 17th. (I'm Australia so some of these dates may be a day ahead to some.)

PROOF: Links below. (Most links are nsfw)

EXPLAIN: (Below the cut)

Joojoo had posted a ych that my mate and I fell in love with that would be done in their best quality with a low starting bid. (Example of quality given was http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18817265/ nsfw) We've both been wanting a piece from her so I started bidding on the ych.

Proof of ych: (nsfw)

My mates fursona has wings and since I didn't see anything regarding them before I won, I noted them asking if they were okay with adding wings. They responded saying they were okay with doing so and not soon after told me I won the ych (At 90 usd). I promtly sent them the payment and reference sheets and they responded saying they would send me a wip of the line-art since I paid over 60$.

Screencap of the note: https://gyazo.com/a961261c22d6a25436aa55f62d27c961

I do not have any screencaps of this since I didn't think it would be needed to be but not too long afterwards they had set up a stream and were working on my piece. Everything was looking great and only needed a few small changes. (Missing a piercing and asked them to add a another strand of hair to the side of the "female"'s face-which the artist did) and they linked me to a fullshot of the lineart once they were done. I told them everything looked great but I needed them to fix hir tongue as it is suppose to be forked instead of rounded. They ended the stream afterwards.

On the 22nd they had uploaded a submission saying they were going on hiatus because of the drama that was going on. (I don't know much about it except what was going on on their submissions. Apparently they took a big group ych and spent the money and decided that they weren't going to finish it and would rather refund but would take a few months to refund as they already spent the money that they got on food and such. A lot of people were upset about it and demanding their money back so they were 'stressed') and then disabled their page.

Original submissions showing the hiatus:
(I also have the screencaps of the comments but I'm not sure to whether or not they are needed)

On the 26th they re-enabled their page and uploaded a few pieces of personal artwork.

On the 29th I had to move and didn't have any internet access.

On the 8th I was able to get on for a short amount of time and saw that they had uploaded even more personal art and were taking on even more commissions but still hadn't touched my piece. I wasn't able to note them as I couldn't be on long enough to be able to.

Screencap of taking on more commissions: https://gyazo.com/14681688e511f9a4b162b9446896c264

On the 17th (Yesterday) I finally got internet access again, they hadn't noted me or alerted to me that the piece was finished so we decided to look on their page and we saw that they had uploaded my piece on the 10th.
When I looked at the piece my mate and I quickly realized that a lot of things were wrong. A lot of the colours were either wrong or markings were missing all together and the correction I asked for on the lineart had been forgotten. (Eyes, nipples, ear piercings, collar and tongue we're the completely wrong colour, the nails on both of characters hadn't even been coloured, my mates fursona was missing ear and torso markings, my fursona was missing his Aura and hand markings, ect. (Other things were pointed out in the note screencap below))

The original image received: https://gyazo.com/16db12b02660c83c30646f16fc790014 (nsfw)
Our refsheets for comparrision:
Exterio- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17059927 (nsfw)
Raven- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14871849/ (nsfw)

I quickly noted them saying I felt as if they had rushed the piece, that I hand't received a flat colour Wip and asked them to fix the list of things that were wrong. (I will admit I was probably a little knit picky with things such as the rune on the head of the tip in the first shot and such but I was very appalled how they could have gotten so many things wrong.)

They responded within a few minutes saying that they spent 15 hours on the piece that it was not rushed and they would not be making any of the changes. That she was sorry to loose me as a customer but that they wouldn't do any FREE alterations as her "time on this ych was used." and that it wasn't her priority at the moment and wouldn't be addressing this "complaint" at this time.

Proof: https://gyazo.com/3ad8c6a6304e03a8017c7cfbc77c4445

I noted them back telling them that I would be filing a chargeback through paypal if they didn't do the corrections as I didn't pay them by the time that I paid them the amount I won the auction by and that they were mistakes that they made as the references we're very clear on the things she missed. I also told them I would be writing an artist beware on them.

They responded with two notes.
The first saying it was not their priority at the moment as they "did all the work!". That if I filed a chargeback they would phone paypal and if I wrote an ab they would be writing heavily in response of their defense and that I would also be blacklisted. They said that they do not answer to "blackmail" and that they did not say that they would not make the changes in the future but it's not on their current to do before again saying that I WILL be blacklisted if I carry out "these blackmails" as work had been made and "a forced refund would be theft."

The second said that she would be able to make the changes within a week and it was the best that she could offer on her schedule.

First note: https://gyazo.com/ab4afedbe86a535f272f4ee8a48ee0b5
Second note: https://gyazo.com/02e972ab351b35ac97f43a5fa5b8e37d

I noted her back politely saying that I would note her in a week then and said thank you then went to bed.

I woke up and saw that she responded a few minutes after my last note saying that she would make the changes just to be rid of me as quickly as possible. That they had never been so insulted in their life and that they pity anyone who I commission in the future with the "language that I demonstrated today" (I didn't curse at all) and "Obvious disregard for the work artist put into their work."
Proof: https://gyazo.com/442a590b1c945aba7a39f01fe919bc60

Within not even an hour later after her previous note she notes me back with the lineart wip she has originally sent me and the fixed piece saying that as a last goodbye that she would like to mention that she did update me, that she has witnesses, "4 actually" that can vouch that I was in the stream during the lining process and gave her the a-ok and that for "Blatant blackmail", she will be suspending me from accessing her account and blocked me afterwards. (In the screenshots above you can see that I didn't say she never gave me any wips, I said that she didn't give me a flat coloured one.)

Proof of note:
Fixed piece: https://gyazo.com/724f567374e5ee7e6bb7527835edcdad ( Nsfw) A few things are missing but I'm just happy she changed anything at all at this point.

I'm sorry if I made any mistakes as this is my first artist beware as I've never had such a bad experience with an artist out of over the hundreds of artist I have commissioned. (Literally hundreds as you can see by my gallery) and my mate had to help me write this.
I didn't want to have to write this but the attitude of this artist throughout the entire process was very rude and I wanted to warn future commissioners of the way she handles mistakes she has made and her work ethic.

Edit: I forgot to clarify in my original post that I had no intentions of wanting a full refund. Paypal has an option to only ask for a certain amount back and that is what I planned on doing.
Tags: artist-joojoo, resolved

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