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I really didn't want to have to post something here about this, but this has happened several times with two different artists.  Let's refer to them as Artist A and Artist B since this situatiuon really doesn't warrant posting names.

I commissioned Artist A for two things back in September:  One was for my husband for his birthday which was done relitively on time.  My husband has commissioned this artist in the past, so said artist was fine with putting me at the top of the queue since he's fairly familiar with my husband.  Now, Artist A has a pretty hefty backlog, they have this posted on their FA profile for all to see.  I wanted to get something else from them as a little surprise for my husband and told them to just stick me in the queue and work on it whenever.  They said okay, took my money and my refs, and that was the last I ever heard from them.  Correspondance ended on September 23rd.  They're not THAT active on FA, but they post the occassional artwork and they do a stream every Wednesday so it's not like they're overly busy and are never on FA.  Months went by and I never saw my name in their queue yet they continued to post doodles and do their weekly stream.  I sent them a note on January 10th asking about my commission, if they had started it, how things were going, etc.  I was very polite, nothing rude or demanding.  The note was read, but never responded to.  I sent them another note on February 7th with almost the same content, still being polite about it.  Same thing happened: Note was read, but never responded to.  My husband was about as shocked as I was, given that he's done business with this artist in the past and has never had any issues with them not responding to notes.  I know that, given this artist has a large queue, that they may be overwhelmed with owed art or something could have come up in their personal life that's keeping them from getting things done, but that's no excuse for not responding to a commissioner when they're asking about the art they paid for.  I also noticed on their FA page someone has posted shouts on their page asking about their commission, so it looks like I'm not the only person having this issue.  Said person isn't listed in their queue either.

Artist B is someone who my husband and I have admired from afar but never had the chance to commission.  They were doing some pinup-style pieced back in January and I snagged a spot.  The first note was sent on January 1st and correspondence ended on January 2nd.  Payment and refs were sent.  Again, this is someone neither myself or my husband have done business with so I'm not aware of how they handle commissions.  I sent them a note on March 4th asking if there had been any updates to my commission.  As with the notes sent to Artist A, I was very polite and simply inquiring about my art as I hadn't gotten any messages or updates regarding it.  The note went unread for several weeks, then was marked as read several days ago.  I got no response to my message but noted that they posted a journal yesterday opening up for their March commission slots.  I checked their journal posts and saw that from March 23rd thru March 27th, they were advertising their March commission slots.  Prior to those journals, they posted something on March 17th saying that their tablet was dying and for all commissioners to be patient.  ...They could have sent me a note apologizing and reassuring me that my commission would be done as soon as they're able...but yet they're advertising more commission slots.  I've had a tablet fizzle out on me before, so I know what that's like but I think that, even with a dying tablet, you should get through what you already owe before taking on more.  I don't know.  As I said, this is my first time working with this artist.  Also, they don't have any kind of public queue as far as overall commissions are concerned, so I don't even know if mine is being worked on.

What should I do in these situations?
Artist A: Should I request a refund if they don't respond?  I've been waiting 6 months for this piece with no updates, but I don't want to do anything that may spoil any future business with this person.  They're someone my husband and I absolutely love and love working with.

Artist B: Should I continue to be patient?  I know three months isn't that long to wait for a commission (I've waitied longer, but the artist kept me informed of what was going on and when my commission should be started/finished), especially if the person has a tablet that's starting to go and a queue of other commissions to do.

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Mar. 30th, 2016 02:14 pm (UTC)
Artist A: It's sad and troubling that, despite their good business in the past, they're doing this to you now. That's a very long time to go without a response and them viewing it adds to the fuel. I'd send them a note saying you're filing for a refund and do so through PayPal, maybe even escalate the claim so PayPal gets to it faster and you're not lost in limbo. Do not cancel the refund by any means unless they provide you with a finished piece you're satisfied with. Many people file, get into contact with the artist then drop the charges, PayPal doesn't like that and it will be hard to do it again for the same transaction in the future assuming no progress is made.

Artist B: If their tablet fizzled out like they claimed then why are they taking on more commissions? I'd send them another note asking about the status of your commission and potentially set a deadline with them so there's some hope that it will be worked on.
Mar. 30th, 2016 09:42 pm (UTC)
About artist A,
Personally, after a six month wait of ignoring their customers (since you said they're active on their account, just not replying), it's the artist who clearly doesn't care about ruining any potential future business. Half a year is being patient enough. That's no way to treat clients, and if they haven't even approached you in so long with at least an explaination or any updates, it hardly seems like they have the intention to finish your piece... If you want a refund, it would be good to try to contact the artist one last time to try to arrange something that works for you, and if it doesn't file a paypal claim.
Apr. 1st, 2016 08:40 am (UTC)
Artist A: Despite having great business with them, they're showing a poor one with you and others and don't even bother contacting their commissioners or even update the queue when it's so easy. I echo the comments above, contact them one last time before getting a refund via claim if the artist doesn't respond.

Artist B: Hmm, I'm not comfortable seeing that they're opening up commission slots after others aren't even done, though there is a chance they need money for bills. So I think wait on that one a bit more and seconding setting up a deadline after asking if they're comfortable with one.
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