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Artist Beware: Huskynugget

WHO: Huskynugget


WHAT: Physical Art Badge

WHEN: Commissioned/Paid December 22nd, 2015 / Paypal Claim filed March 6th, 2015


Screenshot of commission entry saying it would be shipped Dec 26th-30th/Start of Commission & proof of payment

This message is from January 26th, over a month after when they said they would ship. They did send me this image, proving that the commission was finished.

Still not shipped by Feb 6th. I sent them on email on Feb 5th after they failed to reply on FA despite adding favorites on their account.

Still nothing and hadn't heard from them by Feb 16th.

Didn't hear from that that Thursday, but finally on Feb 23rd, they said they shipped it out.

After not recieving anything...

EXPLAIN: I commissioned this user for a physical badge on December 22nd, which they said in their original post would be shipped out between December 26th-30th. They finally sent me a completed picture of the badge On January 26th - nearly a month after the projected ship date. Though waiting so long was annoying, I wasn't too concerned yet, especially considering they sent me a picture. However, after that, it took them another whole month to get it supposedly shipped out. I would normally be understanding even considering this, but the artist never once contacted me first regarding this commission - it was always me sending them messages, asking for updates after not being contacted, and I even sent them an email once after not being replied to on FA. Their reasoning for being slow on shipping was because of snow and not being able to make it to the post office, and I get it - the weather gets fierce over on the east coast. However, after not receiving anything for nearly two weeks, they said they couldn't provide proof of shipping because they had just "dropped it in the mailbox." ...Despite their previous excuses.

On March 4th, I very nicely explained why I was unhappy with this entire transaction, and asked for a partial refund. I felt this was fair, considering a) how long it took them to complete and ship out, b) poor communication on their part, and c) no good reasoning for why it took so long. They became defensive and said they were not trying to scam me (which I never claimed they were), and just gave me more excuses. They did offer to make me a full body badge free of charge, but I must admit that I'm no longer interested in working with them after this whole thing - for how long the first one took, I don't really trust them to complete and ship another one in a timely manner. I replied to them and told them all this, and they didn't respond. It hasn't been too long since sending my last message, but despite this, I decided to file a paypal claim after getting some advice on the matter from others in the community.

They also said it was just a letter, so it's safe to assume that this was sent first class mail. While I acknowledge that mail could just be delayed, I've never had a first class letter take this long and actually make it to me. I also don't even have a high quality digital version, since they sent me a photo and not a scan (though I have no interest in owning digital art anyway, and the physicality of the art was important to me).

Even if the badge does show up - which I think is unlikely considering my experience with buying/selling with the mail system - I still feel it's necessary to make this post based on their poor service.

UPDATE 3/14/16: So literally a day after I submitted this post, the artist said the badge was returned to them in the mail. Thankfully they were quick to send it out again, this time with a tracking number, and showed me proof of shipping on top of that. I'm glad that it worked out in the end. ;-; Cause in the past, this type of situation has not for me, aha.
Tags: artist-huskynugget, resolved

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