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I apologize if this isn't appropriate for the community but a friend and I were discussing the possibility of "asshole-tax". Charging a customer more if they're being a total jerk-off about the transaction (not paying, paying late, extreme nitpicking, being insulting).
Disclaimer: This is just an entertaining notion and not something I or anyone I know of is currently implenting or is planning to implement. Though I'm sure people have been tempted :P
The following question is purely hypothetical and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Humor me.
Would it be illegal to charge "asshole-tax" or would it fall under "service fees"? :P

---- not about asshole-tax ----

On a more serious note, can you charge additional fees if the customer is overdue for paying?
I do believe you have to be registered as a company before you can sic a repo officer on a non-paying customer, and only if you have a contract of sorts. Has that ever happened in the fandom? I've never heard of it but with an increasing amount of "professional" artists you'd think it's inevitable.
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