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advice: unresponsive commissioner?

Hello all! I have a bit of a situation that I'm not sure how to deal with!

I'm currently working on a two-part commission where I finished the first half quite some time ago. Since it had been so long since I finished the first half of the commission, I sent a note to the commissioner asking if they a.) still wanted the second half of the commission, and b.) if they wanted it of the same character they originally asked for. They responded to my first note, saying that yes, they still wanted it, but when I pressed further for what character they wanted, I didn't recieve a response! After about a month of waiting, I checked and found that my second note had never been read, despite the person being active on FA. A sent a second note a few days ago, yet this one has also not been read, again, while the person is still active on their FA page.

So I'm...not sure how to proceed here? Should I forcibly refund the person if they continue not to respond? That's what I would default to doing, but I wanted to get some advice first just in case!

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Feb. 21st, 2016 10:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'd probably send them another note (or if you can contact them in multiple ways, maybe send them notes on there too?), and if they don't respond, then refund them.
Feb. 22nd, 2016 12:15 am (UTC)
I have a regular customer who always pays but with whom communication is like pulling teeth. I suspect they are using the internet via their phone far more than their computer and avoid notes since it's more difficult to type (I'm guessing.) I usually give them a day and, since I'm familiar with their communication style, I send a comment reply reminding them of the note and then send a note with something like "response required" in the title. Sometimes even that doesn't work and I have to send several just to get commission stages approved or character refs. But they're otherwise easy enough to work with and they're a frequent customer so I put up with it for them, whereas I might not for someone else.

Basically how you continue is up to you and depends upon how much more effort you want to put in for the money paid vs. refunding and trying to find a new client with better communication.
Feb. 22nd, 2016 03:46 am (UTC)
Like said by others, it's really up to you.

Personally I work kinda fast, so it's stressful to have things sitting on my plate, and the art will look different. I'd refund.
Enn Shaw
Feb. 22nd, 2016 04:02 pm (UTC)
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