Andrew Aw Chun Hong (Andrew Aw Chun Hong) wrote in artists_beware,
Andrew Aw Chun Hong
Andrew Aw Chun Hong

Beware of thegalen/philistinefruits/2-Devils

Who: thegalen/philistinefruits/2-Devils

Where: Current Deviantart, abandoned Deviantart, current twitter.

What: A single character full colored commish

When: The exact payment date

Proof: The payment show the exact date for asking commish

I've lost the chat for the proof, but maybe he forgot, so I re-ask again via email, but so far he didn't finish my commish, I ask again, but this time say will refund but didn't do so.

Then I saw his new Deviantart account, but as he already knew I was coming to ask the progression, he block me at DA & Skype, and I'm also ask for refund, but rejected.

EDIT: Seems that he's active at twitter, have money to buy some games but didn't refund or finish my commish.

EDIT 2: After he saw this post, he's immediately finish my commish.
Tags: artist-thegalen/philistinefruits/2-devil, beware

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