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Ladies and Gentlemen...I think we have a runner.

I won't name any names just yet but my patience is wearing pretty thin.

The situation is as follows: I decided to try to do a yiffmish so I answered the ad of someone on the vcl forum. In turn, I was sent an email which included naked pictures of the realife commissioner. Needless to say, I was not encouraged by that. We ended up deciding to just do a pinup of the character instead.

Things go fine as I work on the sketch, but then after I finish and begin to ask for half payment, we began to have problems. She tried to paypal me the money, but as I do not have a business type account and she was using a credit card for her paypal, this did not work. She told me she'd try to set up a bank account for it, and sent me a strangely worded email that she needed to verify the account (I get a sneaking suspcion she was a little drunk?!) The last email she personally sent me was on June 8th, stating that she would end a money order for the entire amount.

After a while she still didn't respond, so I found her on the forum again and she replied on June 26th that she had been busy with her son's marriage and that she could send the money to me.

On July 2nd I had to leave for a family trip to Taiwan until the 17th; since I have gotten back, I have sent her several emails and left a reply to her on the forum. Still no response.

The most bizarre thing is that she has been fairly active on the forum, commissioning art from others with no problem (the transactions were done in public so I could tell). I have a suspicion that her refusal to pay me has to do with me not being able to draw her pron (all the other pieces i saw her commish were of that nature). :( It's confusig becuase she seemed happy with the sketch (as she should be, given all the nitpickig she did @_@)

I'm really disapointed as she was the last person I trusted to send a refined sketch without a watermark. :( None of that, now. I've learned my lesson.

So to wrap up: how much longer should I give her before I write up a public takedown? It's the only way I know of to force her to respond to me, even though I hate it because it looks so bad on my part. Or should I just send a money request to her paypal and another warning for now?

Edit: Just to make sure we're all on the same page-- the problem was NOT with me not having a business paypal account, but rather that she is not responding to any forms of communication (email/forum posts). I sent her a payment request the other day explaining that I wished to stop the commission as just a sketch, and she's sent me the money so it seems all good (and yes I will have to upgrade). Other than that, thank you all for your input! I really appreciate it.

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