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WHO:     Kahuna Otter/ Sugarfactory / SugarAussie

WHERE:    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sugarfactory/

WHAT:      Digital art on a physical item: It was a two sided, two character dakimakura (silk full length pillow) that was to be shipped to me in the UK.

WHEN:      - Slot was confirmed and paid for on 28th August 2015
        - Refund was offered on 2nd December 2015
        - Final contact before starting Paypal dispute 10th January 2016.

PROOF:     I hope it is okay, these are all filtered in my post in links as it will make a lot more sense with the explanation part.


On 28th August 2015, Sugar Factory posted a journal offering a one time commission slot for a dakimakura of your character for $150. I emailed her my reference and my idea. She replied confirming I had the slot http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.09.16.png

Cut forward a couple of emails which included discussion of making it two characters on each side for an extra $20 and I was ready to pay. I sent my payment via Paypal on 28th August as seen here: http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/paypal.png

She confirmed she would start straight away http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.09.50.png

On 30th August, I was sent a sketch of the first page, and then slightly later, a complete line art for the first side as seen here http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/lines%2030-08-15.png I confirmed this was good and no changes needed to be done.

Communication stopped until 30th September where I emailed her for an update regarding this and another piece of art I had also commissioned (a set of telegram stickers).  http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.26.41.png Reference here is also made to a badge i commissioned before which, she never sent to me but instead just posted to her twitter (which I didn’t follow) and a friend of mine linked it to me. At this point I was informed that she would send the high resolution copy of the badge and that all digital work was back on schedule.

Communication once again stopped until 2nd December where I raised my concerns that there was no progress on the piece since August and that I was hoping it would be done for Christmas. At this point I was reassured that she would try and get it done, and if not she would issue a full refund for the item; I hadn’t even asked/considered a refund at this point. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.30.30.png

On 3rd December, I asked whether a refund would be easier for her than trying to get the art done in time, and was told she was researching options but if it doesn’t work out she would refund me that night. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.32.28.png I queried again on the 4th and was told she was waiting on responses from companies.

I decided on the 8th December to message again to see if there were any updates and was informed she had decided to issue a full refund AND complete the art but asked if i was okay waiting a week for the payment. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.35.24.png I replied saying I was okay waiting but that i would feel awful if she were to do the art as well.

On 20th December as I hadn’t received the payment I sent another email to her http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.37.02.png

At this point I was getting fed up of excuses and no progress and a lot of correspondence occurred that day about how I was in breach of her TOS and that she only agreed to refund me because I was a friend of a friend (despite her offering the refund to start with).  I stated i would like a date with which the refund will be paid and was told that she would pay me in smaller amounts until the full amount is paid, I was okay with this suggestion. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.40.45.png

I received no small payments, but on 26th December I received an email saying she was near the full amount. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.41.52.png

On the 30th I emailed to ask if there was any updates and could she send what she had so far even if it wasn’t the full amount. I was informed she was at the hospital but would when she got home http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.42.31.png

On 4th January, still nothing from her, I was told she was dealing with a quick emergency and would pay the following night. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.43.41.png

On 7th January I queried what happened with this, and was told she was waiting for a payment. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.44.42.png
Today I emailed again, explaining it was getting ridiculous and indicating i was close to getting Paypal to sort this out for me as i felt I was getting nowhere dealing with her directly. http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Screen%20Shot%202016-01-10%20at%2021.46.11.png

A lot of emails went back and forth tonight which i have bundled into a screen dump you can see here http://yksi.org.uk/sugarfactoryAB/Untitled%202.png

I was faced with blackmailing that because of me her partner can’t eat, and that I will be hurting her as a business and putting her in debt etc.

I have no idea what she is going to do, or what choice she has made as per the last two screenshots.

I have raised a Paypal dispute now, and I have escalated the claim though I have no idea if this will be successful or not.

Edit: I have been successful with the disput with Paypal

Thank you for all your kind comments though
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