Watergazer (watergazer) wrote in artists_beware,

Card Game Woes

I know a lot of artists out there have had at least one experience where they got burned. I not so long ago got burned by a company I did artwork for that then didn't want to pay for said artwork (about 20+ designs). I was crushed at first, since the company I loved because they put out the card game "Killer Bunnies," but then angry with how it was handled. The producer of the game was nothing less than thrilled with my work ethic and artwork I provided, but when I mentioned about getting a little bit of good-faith payment (because the game I was illustrating for was in the beta-testing stage and not yet published), he flew off the handle and wrote me quite scatching letters about how I should have known better and he expected more from me, and that he was dropping me as an artist and did not want to ever hear from me again, period.

This was probably my worst experience of all time. Although I have had clients not pay me before, this took the cake because he was so personable, I loved the games he made, and all was going 100% well until, months after I drew the art, I merely asked for some of the payment he mentioned he would provide (which he later heatedly said might take years and then only if the game did get published). What he ranted at me was not only unprofessional but unwarrented. I should have written up a contract, I know...and I've normally done this for all professional projects I do. But this time, we were on good faith and handshakes. Now I know better.

I also wrote the game producing company, Playroom Entertainment, to verify that the artwork on the beta-testing decks were destroyed because the first e-mail back from the Killer Bunnies creator said he was purging his system of all of my artwork because of my terrible lack of understanding in the payment department. Apparently he supposed I would do the images on good faith and then wait years for the game to go into production before hiring me as the main illustrator for the said game. I also tried to clear my name because I was trying to get work from Playroom in other game departments. Playroom did not respond to my email but I did hear back from the Killer Bunnies manager telling me that I was going "behind his back" on that matter and that I should never expect to work in the business again because he has put my name out there as an artist to beware of.

Well, I want everyone to beware of this with both Killer Bunnies and Playroom Entertainment. They are always saying they are looking for new artistic talent so don't be suckered in.
Also, if you ever wanted to get a custom plush manufactured: http://www.watergazersden.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=84 there's another warning for you I'm still coping with. I hope you can see the link. If not it's at my forum under topic Fire Circle/Burned Again. http://www.watergazersden.com/forum/index.php
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