Sev Discovery (sevendiscovery) wrote in artists_beware,
Sev Discovery

Lost Contact: Draconemignis

This isn't a beware, however I am wary that it will become one. I've been out of contact with my artist for 4 months now from a commission I paid for back at BLFC 2015 (June). There was steady communication from june 12- july 1st where we were locking down the character id like to change it to. We came to a very easy agreement and I was told "I really like the persona!! I don't get to draw humans enough haha. However I'd need to know what name to put with it! Yours is up next, (I'll be working on it in a few minutes haha) so if you could get back to me asap that'd be great! Thank you!-Caius" This was on SEPTEMBER 14th. Ok sure a wait for commission queue that's fine. I didn't pester them about it I figured I was just waiting my turn in the queue.

This was the last time I've heard from them. I'm hoping someone has been in contact with them and can just relay that they should respond to my shouts or email me or something?
Tags: lost contact

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