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Resolved: Warning about rakkphotography

Text: WHO: rakkphotography on deviantart, audience0fdeath on weebly, #101897 on furry-paws.

WHERE: Occurred mainly on furry-paws.com, but also on deviantart.

WHAT: Digital art

WHEN: Dates are listed above, but generally we first started talking on 3/29/15. First set of unpaid art completed 4/26/15, second set 5/5/15. Repeated attempts at contact between then and now. Payment still not received as of 1/1/16.

PROOF: (Click for massive image) I then emailed them here. And then some deviantart replies here. I sent them another message later and they opened it but never replied. Proof of activity below in 'explain'.

EXPLAIN: Rakk approached me after I made a thread advertising commissions. They seemed extremely kind at first and paid for their first commission batch promptly, so I didn't feel like it was dangerous to continue accepting payment after I delivered the art. Stupid move, and now I only accept part or full payment before. Live and learn.
After offering to combine two commission batch payments into one, they didn't pay and stopped replying. They claimed they were sick and in the hospital. Up until today, I believed they were still in the hospital. However, that doesn't seem entirely true.
I snooped on their weebly page and found their blog and instagram, both of which they've been incredibly active on.
Proof of their activity on instagram. 2+ posts every single day.
Posting to their first blog here(post too long to screencap it all, was just talking about training dogs) Seen here, they were also active this September, when they were ignoring me and claiming to be in the hospital.
Here is their activity on their other blog.

So obviously this person has had ample free time. They're posting selfies, writing blog posts, playing games, etc. And yet they refuse to get back to me or pay me for over half a year now. Yet, they're using my art on their blogs and weebly.
I hate to have to write this about someone who was previously so kind to me, but it is what it is and I don't want any other artist having to deal with this.

Bonus points! Since submitting and waiting for a mod to get back to me, this is now their instagram. Yep. All of those photos(besides the very last one) in 2 days. Clearly, too sick and busy to pay me.

(thank you to CelestinaKetzia for helping me with this post! hopefully I got everything right this time!)

edit: Since posting this, they've now sent me the full amount.
Tags: comm-rakkphotography/101897/audience0fde, resolved

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