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Owed trade from Ninjakato RESOLVED

WHO: Ninjakato

WHERE: They're mostly active on dA than FA

WHAT: A long overdue trade with them that took place on FA. Communications eventually took place on dA through notes

WHEN: A trade was agreed upon April 9th 2011. My half was finished relatively quickly, but their half is still unfinished.

More info under cute

First initial trade contact was made on April 9th, 2011 (my FA here is Charu)

My half of the trade was completed May 4th, 2011

Communications on FA were made. Unfortunately my notes on FA have been cleared out since then. They mostly contained information about what I'd like Ninjakato to draw for their half.

Eventually I started to note her on dA as it appeared she was becoming less active on FA.
Note pointing out I finished my half

There was a point she posted a journal asking her watchers if she had missed anything owed. However, I cannot find the journal anymore, but I did note her on dA

After this communication had stopped until 2014 came around. I had stopped asking as Ninjakato seemed pretty busy in real life and I didn't want to be a bother.

August 20, 2014 she had made a journal calling out to the person she owed a trade to (which was me). My ref links did not work so I had noted with fixed links.

More time passed and I saw no sign of my half of the trade. I gave her another nudge about it.

I gave one more nudge just recently. The note had been opened but went unresponded.

In the start of this NinjaKato was opening up for trades on FA. I was one of the ones picked to trade with her. Excited I began to work on my trade and posted to FA in a timely manner.
Eagerly, but patiently, I waited for for mine to be finished. I knew very well NinjaKato was really busy with her real life and commissions, so I was in no rush to have it completed. As time passed and weeks turned to months. Months turned into years. We've had some communication throughout the time span, yet I was still mindful not to rush her. She was still posting art on dA of finished commissions and personal art.

2011 had turned to 2014 and I admit I should of poked her more often between those few years. But I was nervous to do so as she was posting frequent journals about difficulties in her life. As a artist I know very well commissions always take priority over trades, thus I didn't pressure her.

Eventually I did poke her and communications had picked up once again. I had hope she'd finish it after I did remind her about it. A time of silence started again. NinjaKato was still posting personal art, newly finished YCHs and sometimes trades from others. I had given her one final poke on Nov 11th, 2015 and the note had been read. No response back. She continued to upload new art of personal sketches, redraws, YCHs, and adoptables.

At this point I am not expecting to see my half and have accepted it. Primarily posting this beware to give a heads up that this artist may not always finish pieces they promise to do.

EDIT: NinjaKato finished their half. This AB can be marked as resolved
Tags: artist-ninjakato/scarlinggragdoll666/ste, resolved

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