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Artist Beware: Meteorprince (RESOLVED)

This is my first time doing an Artist Beware, so please be patient with me here!

WHO: Meteorprince, found on FurAffinity (, DeviantArt (, and Tumblr ( Please note content on the profiles linked is NSFW.

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: A YCH ( promised to be done within two weeks, and then a refund for said YCH.

WHEN: The YCH was bid on late September and paid October 2nd. I was told I would be getting a refund when they responded to my emails November 18th, and it was supposed to be given to me on December 16th.

PROOF: (As per community standards, all real life names and email addresses have been scrubbed from the following screenshots)

Conversation on FA:
First refund request:
Email conversations:

EXPLAIN: On October 2nd I paid $50 for a YCH (linked above under "What") from Meteorprince. It was advertised as being done within two weeks of payment, no excuses. At first I didn't hear anything about them starting until it was almost due when they told me they were getting on it since it was on a time limit, then they said they were working on it on the day it was due (conversation linked above). I didn't hear from them again until they posted a journal (no personal response or offer of refunds, journal is on the FA profile linked above) citing family issues after it was already due and saying they would be back. I waited some more, and on the 9th of November sent them a message stating I would just like a refund (linked above), with no response. On the 18th of November I finally got tired of waiting and emailed them directly stating again I would like a refund. They responded and apologized, promised me a refund plus an extra $15 if I would wait until they had to the money. On the 28th of the same month they told me they were being interviewed for a job, and then on the 10th of December they stated they were hired and would pay me immediately the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and went and they didn't respond to any of my messages. I sent them a final message saying if I didn't hear from them I would be filing a charge back and filling out an Artist Beware, and here we are. I have had no response from them, and no attempt was ever made to follow through on either the art or the refund. I am of the opinion that they do not intend to give the refund, and would like to warn others to be careful when dealing with them as a result.

EDIT: Meteorprince has followed through with the refund, so I am filing this as resolved in a satisfactory manner at this point.
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