That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in artists_beware,
That Eric Thing

starfreckles/Teacake watermarking other artists art

WHO: starfreckles/Teacake

WHERE: and

WHAT: digital art originally created for another user of a character that had since been traded

WHEN: 14th December

PROOF: (bottom to top)

EXPLAIN: I was notified of my art being covered with someone elses watermark here it was this image covered in their own personal watermark. This is against my TOS which states that no edits can be made to my art. I have since clarified to add that no watermarks can be added to my art, though i feel that the distinction shouldnt have had to be made.

I contacted them asking them to take it down and they needed proof that I was who I said i was. I thought that meant it would go well. Instead they got extremely angry with my response and not only did they respond rudely acting as if my own art belonged to someone else but they also created a journal to badmouth me, saying that they will tell people about me.They also say key things in the journal to specifically make me look bad, such as claiming that the art was commissioned art and that i got "seriously bent out of shape" when neither things are true.

The art was originally made for an acquaintance as a trade. I do not recall ever doing business with the person who created this journal. No money exchanged hands like they claim. I do not feel as if I was rude or anything of the sort, i was only protecting my rights as an artist. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to see someone elses watermark on my own image. If it was asked then I would have provided my own to be put alongside theirs so that it was clear that the art was created and belonged to me, but they did no such thing.

I am posting this here to warn people of doing business with people like this as well as see if other people feel the same way I do about other people watermarking their art. I'm honestly curious how one would feel if they were in my position.

Edit: they apparently made some sort of "apology" i do not trust impersonal fake apologies like this. the fact that they did not contact me makes the apology seem to me as if it was made only to make them look good. As well as that they still clearly stand by what they did even though they broke my TOS and repeatedly claimed to have paid for art from me. This was not a simple "knee-jerk reaction" it lasted for more than a day.

I didnt know they made more than one journal until people in the comments pointed them out, actually. and since they are using the fact that the copied journal was a screencap as some sort of excuse? heres the last archive i had of it i cannot archive private messages, sadly. at least as far as i know, i am not very tech-savvy.

Edit: I will link my TOS here for reference; the only recent edit that has been made is "*The Customer may not, under any circumstance, add their own personal watermark to my art." to clarify what I consider an edit. Please notice the following quotes from my TOS that have to do with this situation;
*The customer does not pay for the rights of the art, they pay for the service. If one would like to buy the rights to the art, please discuss this before sending payment.
*The customer does not have the right to resell my work or transfer the right to post my artwork to other parties. The customer paid for the service and does not own the copyrights to sell.

Edit: they left an apology in the comments below. I am very iffy on it still, but will accept it. ive also been told that it was removed so this is now resolved. I could not tell earlier because I was blocked and had no access to their page to check.

Edit: I guess its not over, they posted a journal and I am being blamed for harassment that I could not have been responsible for since I've been busy the past few days. and

Tags: comm-teacake/starfreckles, resolved

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