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Artist Beware: Omegaro [resolved]

note: resolved amicably, I now have no hard feelings toward the artist and the commission was completed.  There was a lack of communication but there were legitimate reasons for the delay
note: all old links followed by an capture of them from November 7, 2015 4:00 PM Eastern


online persona: Rho

Furaffinity: omegaro

twitter: @omegaro

WHERE: does most business via Furaffinity:

commission was agreed on via twitter: @Anthony_Stuart (me) and @omegaro (him)


in short, the idea was for a SFW digital sketch of my character playing a guitar.  I paid on the day (May 29) that it was hashed out, have made multiple attempts to get an update, now on November 25 it’s still not here and I can’t get a response to my requests for a refund.


May 29: commission negotiated via twitter, payment sent, was told it’d be a couple days.  Several requests for updates since then have been responded to, usually with some variation of "it'll be done soon", yet there has been no response of any kind since September despite many attempts. After some (unrelated) offline drama has delayed this post, it’s now December 16, over half a year since the commission was agreed on, as I submit this.

PROOF: FA shouts showing this may be a pattern for Rho paypal confirmation DM part 1 DM part 2 DM part 3

After this, Rho unfollowed me, DMs on twitter require that the person receiving it must follow the sender

9/27, 10/20




Put simply, I had a fun idea for a commission, saw someone on twitter recommend Rho, and went to him for the job.  I was told it would be “Monday or Tuesday”.  I did my best not to nag and to be a good, kind, patient customer, but it’s now been seven months and I’ve made many attempts to make contact.  The last time I got a response of any kind was in September, and it’s now December.

At this point, it’s been long enough that I have little interest in the commission anymore, and just want a refund of the $35.00, I’m not even asking for the Paypal fee.

I’ve waited three full months after friends started telling me to go this route, because I didn’t want to offend, rock the boat, cause drama, or whatever.  I’ve already lost interest in not only this commission but others as well, I just want the refund, or if I can’t get that, I want others to be warned of what they might be up against.

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