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Who: Inu-Jean
Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/inu-jean/
What: Digital art, two characters, finished here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18266800/ (NSFW)
When: Payment sent November 14, 2014 and image was completed on November 16, 2015
Proof: Payment sent and received: http://imgur.com/vZclyFF
            First Concern raised: http://imgur.com/tK7BMWt
          Second Concern: http://imgur.com/ULUzpNi
            WIP ask not responded to: http://imgur.com/sYuQBbv
            Major Concerns raised: http://imgur.com/nL9iJ6S
            Artist's Update Journal:  http://imgur.com/tGtnutU
            WIP Promised: http://imgur.com/Jg9bLQc
            Removed from queue: http://imgur.com/VZx6C0o
            Art Stream discussed: http://imgur.com/sXO0kdj
            Very major concerns: http://imgur.com/vlKFaEc
            Responded to with a WIP: http://imgur.com/Ky09ACZ

Explain: I would first like to say that I hold no ill will towards the artist, nor is this made in any way to defame or try to beat down on him. His work is phenomenal, but both I and my friend (who has had several great experiences with commissioning this artist in the past) feel it’s important for people who may want to commission this particular artist in the future to know that there may be issues during the process. Neither of us believe any bad intentions were made on the artist’s part, but things certainly spiraled nearly out of control and became an almost perfect storm of stuff gone wrong in the commissioning process. However, art was finally delivered, and done so to both my and my fellow commissioner’s satisfaction. I have to admit, I do feel a bit uncomfortable posting this, but after learning that my fellow commisioner shared a similar situation to another commssioner during the same time frame, I think it's important that I do so.

A friend of mine (Alex in the screenshots) and I contacted Inu-Jean for a 2-character commission in November of 2014. Specifics of the commission were worked out over the course of the following few days. We were a ways down from the images he was working on and knew there would be a decent wait involved, which did not bother us. However, the months went by, not a single update was given regarding progress until a (now deleted) update journal was posted to FA in late April announcing that the artist was taking on another batch of commissions. Concerned, my fellow commissioner messaged the artist regarding this, but he did not respond until being messaged once more several weeks later...

Radio silence continues until June. A WIP is requested and the artist states he will try to get something done by the coming Monday, but no progress is made and no further updates given. I asked if WIP progress was made on Tuesday, but was not replied to. Radio silence continues until August when I write a fairly lengthy message to the artist, and he does post a proper update journal to FA.  After this point, a public queue is posted, and visible work does begin on those above us in the queue, and everything appears to be on track and going well. However, during this time, the artist took on another batch of commissions, opened for a YCH, and began working heavily on Patreon reward art. A WIP is promised, and not delivered. Another almost 2 weeks goes by, we’re removed from the queue, and other work begins on art from the new queue. Concerns are expressed. Patreon art, the YCH, and later accepted commissions are worked on and posted. A brief art stream occurs where progress finally begins, albeit only for a brief amount of time due to unruly, very crude, comments from unruly members of the stream audience that did not stop for some time despite prompting from the artist, myself, and other members of the stream audience. This causes the artist to become frustrated and stop working. This last part is completely understandable given the circumstances, but did serve as a roadblock for further progress.

Several more weeks pass with yet more art from Patreon or commission work from later batches is completed and posted, and the artist opens for yet another batch of commissions. Growing frustrated, my friend and I decided it’s best to express our concerns to the artist once more. Difficult working hours on the artist’s part are discussed, and are certainly understandable (2 am to 10 am. Yikes!), but the lengthy amount of time passed and lack of communication during the past year had made the situation less understandable. A WIP is posted in response.

Work continues throughout the week, but after the expression of major concerns and a very brief discussion of difficulties, responses are curt, if present at all. Requests for minor changes are not acknowledged verbally, but are put in place in following WIPs. Finally, the finished artwork is delivered.
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