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Lyshastra (Furaffinity) / Ann Allen (Facebook)

WHO: Lyshastra (Furaffinity), Ann Allen (Facebook)


WHAT: Art trade--A bust of her character for a badge (or two) of mine.

WHEN: April 26 -- She asked to do an art trade and we worked out the details          
         May 29 -- I finished and posted my part of the trade
            June 25--September 12 -- A lot of back and forth trying to reach her and find out progress of badge(s)
            October 8 -- I finally see pictures of the actual finished badges
            November 15 (Now) -- Still waiting on scanned versions to be posted
PROOF: (first asked if I wanted to do a trade)
      (working out the details--read from bottom to top)
      (working out details part 2)
      (working out details part 3)
     (my finished posting)
EXPLAIN: On April 26th she asked if I wanted to do an art trade, to which I replied yes and messaged her for the details. I finished my half on May 29th and sent her a note with the finished picture. Some time later she opened the note, but never responded to it. A month later when she did respond, it was not to the note but on the submission.
She said she was sorry, she hadn't seen it until she searched for her character, and then told me to PM her on facebook for my final approval on the trade before uploading it. The link to her facebook page was broken so I had to search for her, and when I thought I had found her I messaged her, asking if this was her. A month later she replied that yes it was her. No mention of the art trade. A week later I asked if there was any progress, to which she told me to PM her on her art facebook page since she's never on this one anymore.

I find that one and sent a message saying it was me again, to no response. I notice that she's been posting other artwork she's been doing. A little over a week later I told her that if the trade was too much to do, to just let me know. Almost a month later she replies saying sorry that she didn't see it, it was in her other folder. I told her it didn't matter if it was done or not, some communication was all I was asking for.

After that things finally started moving. I gave her a ref of my character again. Things were looking up.

About a month later, I finally got pictures of the badges.

She said if I was pleased then she would scan and post them. I told her I was very happy with them, and have been waiting ever since...

Now I understand that technically she did finally do the badges, and I can probably still try to contact her for the scanned versions, but honestly I don't want to go through all the time and effort again it took just to get to here. If I had written this artists beware earlier as I had planned to, things would be looking a lot worse. At this point I think it's just best to let people know what they could be getting into if they decide to commission her to do a trade.
Tags: artist-ann allen/lyshastra, beware

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