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How many?

I have a question about commissions. I'm not sure if this kind of thing is allowed here, if not then I'll remove it. My question is, how many sketches are you willing to do before you say enough id enough. Like before you draw the final piece, the Work in progress sketches. If someone wants you to change something about the image, so you do another one, and they dont approve of that one either, so you do another one, and another and another and so on. I have a commission, and im not saying in any way that this is what she is doing. Shes a great commissioner, and very nice. I'm basically just asking this out of curiosity, or to hear some stories from other artists. I dont really do commissions but am starting to and want to hear some experiences from others. I've seen some artists do almost ten sketches before the commission was finally done because the person was not satisfied with the image till the tenth sketch. Id think there would be a limit or atleast more money to be owed before continuing to do so many sketches. Especially if the commissioner didnt elaborate on what they wanted the first time, or keeps changing their minds.

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