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Sep. 22nd, 2015

WHERE: Facebook Apocalypse ReFurred page and via messages

WHAT: A pair of resin/ polymorph pastic clawed hand paws and feet paws with promise of quick turn around by April 4th.

March 18th 2015. – Commission placed.
March 22nd – Fur I supplied arrived at maker’s address.
March 24th – Commission paid for in full.
April 3rd – Photo of hand paws WIP received,
April 4th – Original deadline.
April 16th – Photo received of feet paws in ductape wrap, ready for furring.
( Several different life problems occurred for the artist, such as pet passing, theft etc. throughout the months. I can try to give specific dates for these if required)
6th September – After no updates, I ask again for one or for a partial refund and what’s been made to be sent to me so I can complete myself or resell.
7th September – Refunded and items sent to me
11th September – Items recieved

Back in March, I was preparing for a convention on April 4th  when I found that my fursuit feet and paws where in very rough condition from general use. I asked about on the UK Furry Facebook groups for a maker or someone seller paws and a maker came forward. I looked at their stuff and while they weren’t high end makers, their paws looked fine and they offered to complete it within the admittedly tight deadline.
I already had some fur left over from when I tried to make the fursuit and we agreed for a lower price ( £80) if I sent this fur over. A day before the deadline ( April 4th ) I received a phone photo of the hand paws. They looked a little rough, but I assumed it was just the camera quality. I later received a photo of ductape covered feet paws. They looks a little odd and I asked if the tape was pulling the toes apart, giving them a wider look. She assured me they were fine so I continued with the commission a little apprehensive.
Then a myriad of personal and family problems for the maker reared up, from a pet passing away, to a parent being very ill and then robbery. There were also problems with the dye not adhering to the resin claws that I’d asked for.  She said she would contact the maker and complain.
Every so often, I’d ask for updates and get told that there was a problem and she couldn’t send photos.
After the April 4th deadline, I’d hoped that the paws would be ready for Confuzzled in May. No such luck, I ended up going suitless which was kinda sad.
7 months later, I was promised an update within 2 weeks. No update came and I was fed up. I asked for a partial refund ( as some of the commission was complete) and for what was made to be sent to me. She agreed and the £5 refund along with the unattached claws and paws where sent to me.
The paws arrived quickly but in very poor condition, which I’ll detail in sections;
Feet Paws – They are way too wide and off model, looking more like duck feet. There is glue blobs, holes between the fur and the sole, but the worse thing is the smell. They stink badly of dog so much that it’s as if the animal has sat on the foam or fur. I reported this to the maker ( as some of my family suffer from allergies), she explained that the fur and foam was kept away from the animals and the only way they’d smell is if she’d passed it on from petting the animals. However, there is white and brown animal fur on the paws as well as general fluff.
This hair cannot be from when I supplied the fur as we have no pets.
Hand Paws – very roughly made, though they are incomplete, they too are smelly. They also fit ill.
Claws– These are not polymorph plastic, but instead hand sculpted Fimo clay and have finger prints and dirt in the clay. I googled the plastic, which appears to be a shiney, usually white product similar to glue gun glue.
In the end, I am very disappointed. I don’t think I can even sell these items without thorough repair and cleaning. She seems to be a young maker and as such, isn’t very professional yet.

Edit: Update 2/10/2015

I contacted the maker a couple of days ago about the animal fur with pictures. I asked her again if the animal had been in contact with the paws and she said the fur ( which is clearly animal with colouring and tapering... plus, y know, the stink!) was faux fur from another suit she was making.
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Sep. 30th, 2015 10:57 pm (UTC)
As someone who uses Fimo on a regular basis, I agree that those claws look like polymer clay. And those are pretty sloppy - it's not THAT hard to smooth away fingerprints prior to baking. Failing that, they can be sanded after baking. You could try that yourself to improve their appearance, but you certainly shouldn't have to.

(on a semi-related note, is there actually a market for custom claws?)
Oct. 1st, 2015 07:15 am (UTC)
The claws are too small for me anyway - I actually tried to make my own out of Fimo and they didn't work. Wrong colour anyway.

Possibly. I can't find the right premade claw for Khaazbaar, there's lots of curled wolf claws and some thicker raptor ones but none more toony and fatter.
Oct. 1st, 2015 09:09 pm (UTC)
This sound like a bad experience with an maker that really need more practice and maybe some growing up to do before going into the commission world :/ Sorry for what happened.

also not to defend her, that was way to much pet hair. But I had a dog that was never allowed in the kitchen, yet I still some times find dog hair in the kitchen /when I prep food to this day - and it is now 2 years since she passed away (and believe me we have cleaned), pet hair just get into everything.

also for the claws, have you tried phazonalloy on FA? i try not to pimp too much, but that is my go-to claw artist as they are just so insanely amazing in quality and varied in sizes. (and friendly to boot! )
Oct. 2nd, 2015 06:19 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, pfft, I have relatives with animals so I know about the mess but the hair plus the smell makes me very suspecting that the animal played with or sat on the fur/foam.

Are they in the US though? Shipping would be killer
Oct. 2nd, 2015 08:04 pm (UTC)
I bought foam for a personal suit, one hour later it was claimed by dog and I needed to buy more xD smell and stains go right into that lol. But yeah, I would never ever try to put that old foam in something and sell it, that is awful.

And I'm not sure. I thought US or UK but have never really asked xD I live in Norway and the shipping to me is pretty fair is I remember correctly
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