beastcub (beastcub) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice: half of a trade lost in the mail

I did some trades in July, custom made tails for anime goods.

Of the 5 trades shipping has gone arry in both ways.

One person's anime item has not come yet, I still have their tail as I am wating for their half to arrive, they are within the USA.

In the other case their part of the trade arrived and I mailed thier tail, it still has not arrived, this tail was heading from the USA to Germany.

And no, I do not having tracking for the lost tail, like a ditz I seem to have lost that ONE reciept out of the huge pile I do have.

So. um. How do I proceed? To start I was going to give both items a bit more time to arrive, like 1 more month.
With the tail that seems lost I assume I either need to get claim money and pay them for the anime item, or make another tail.
But what about the other? Do I offer to sell them the tail?
Tags: advice for artists, trade

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