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Update on a past post; commissioner warning

In regards to this post:

I'm embarassed to say that I've recovered the badges...they somehow got shoved in one of my 83298743 page long anatomy books and probably would of never been found had I not been looking for a cow reference O_o

So all is well :)

However...when I told snowfox19, he seemed oblivious to the fact that it had been misplaced at all. I told him it'd be sent out that day (as it was only like, 11 am and the post office collects at noon) and he asked if I could send it Priority or something because he has trouble with the regular postal system. Um...okay. I felt bad that I had lost his badge and all so I said I'd see how much it was and if it wasn't more than $5 I'd do it. As I promised, I went down to the post office right away...and Prioity was going to be $16 which was more than the badge itself! (Maybe because he's in Canada and I'm in the states, but still).

I haven't been able to contact the commissioner as to what he wants me to do, but I think $16 is a waste for postage on a very small package that would normally cost me no more than a dollar to mail. If he's willing to pay for it I'll more than willingly send it his way, but otherwise I'm just going to send it through the regular mail and see what happens.

Anymore I just want the badge out of my possession and worry about my other commissions.

If this guy commissions you, watch out. He's very fickle as to what he wants, fickle about when he wants it, and don't let him have your AIM or MSN. At first he was very talktive, he'd IM me as SOON as I signed on MSN (long story short, MSN needs to load for the rest of my computer to work, so when he'd IM me my computer would crash and I'd have to start all over again) even when I asked him polietly not to do that. He's a friendly guy and all, will probably mention that he'd like to commission you for a few other things so to hold off mailing current works, but won't and will ask where the current things are. Lately he's also been hard to contact. When I thought the badge was missing, he couldn't spare 5 minutes of his time to answer a yes or no question.

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