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In regards to this post:

I'm embarassed to say that I've recovered the badges...they somehow got shoved in one of my 83298743 page long anatomy books and probably would of never been found had I not been looking for a cow reference O_o

So all is well :)

However...when I told snowfox19, he seemed oblivious to the fact that it had been misplaced at all. I told him it'd be sent out that day (as it was only like, 11 am and the post office collects at noon) and he asked if I could send it Priority or something because he has trouble with the regular postal system. Um...okay. I felt bad that I had lost his badge and all so I said I'd see how much it was and if it wasn't more than $5 I'd do it. As I promised, I went down to the post office right away...and Prioity was going to be $16 which was more than the badge itself! (Maybe because he's in Canada and I'm in the states, but still).

I haven't been able to contact the commissioner as to what he wants me to do, but I think $16 is a waste for postage on a very small package that would normally cost me no more than a dollar to mail. If he's willing to pay for it I'll more than willingly send it his way, but otherwise I'm just going to send it through the regular mail and see what happens.

Anymore I just want the badge out of my possession and worry about my other commissions.

If this guy commissions you, watch out. He's very fickle as to what he wants, fickle about when he wants it, and don't let him have your AIM or MSN. At first he was very talktive, he'd IM me as SOON as I signed on MSN (long story short, MSN needs to load for the rest of my computer to work, so when he'd IM me my computer would crash and I'd have to start all over again) even when I asked him polietly not to do that. He's a friendly guy and all, will probably mention that he'd like to commission you for a few other things so to hold off mailing current works, but won't and will ask where the current things are. Lately he's also been hard to contact. When I thought the badge was missing, he couldn't spare 5 minutes of his time to answer a yes or no question.
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Jul. 5th, 2006 06:18 am (UTC)
Sadly yeh Ive dealt with him to hes super friendly wich does make it hard to say I dont wanna do more for em... but he really changes his mind a lot and when need to reach him hes not there. Yet when he feels its convienent he tends to overly harass to see where his art is in a very childish manner.
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he'd IM me saying things like "*looks over shoulder to see how his badge is :)*. It was cute for like...no, it was never cute. Just annoying.

Jul. 5th, 2006 05:02 pm (UTC)
A frikkin men ... once eh its cute. Past that it got creepie so I finished my 2 I owed n said no more less your payin up front and I can reach you steadily for corrections or info to ship.
Jul. 5th, 2006 06:23 am (UTC)
He's commissioned me a good almost dozen times.. Yes, he is a very fickle customer, and he loves harassing you about the status of his commissions. EVERY DAY.

I almost had to make a post about him here a couple weeks ago. It took me weeks until I could finally contact him about not paying me for a commission that was done and I had given him... Stupid on my part, I know, but he's had so many commissions, I didn't think it was a problem, right? Well, I finally told him, after numerous attempts of contacting him through e-mail, MSN, and Yahoo, that I needed some answers. He blamed PayPal for the problems, then sent me the money via a direct online interac payment. Which was pretty darn convenient and I didn't know existed.

But yeah, for almost a month I was bugging him about it, because, well, I'm going through some financially tough times, and for my time and effort to be pushed aside like that, I was pretty upset.

Now, in regards to your situation, definitely only send it priority if he's willing to pay. I mean, he didn't even recall that it had been missing, so it can't be THAT important to him, right? Don't quite see how regular mail would be any different though..
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:22 pm (UTC)
First off, your icon made me giggle like whoa X)

Yeah, I had to bug him several times about paying for just the $10 badge. I asked him to please pay before the badge was completed because that's how I do it with badges, but he never did and kept harassing me about where it was...so I gave in and did it. I told him I had the badge scanned and would show it to him as soon as he paid, but he was all "no, I'll pay you as soon as I see it!" so argh, whatever. He did pay though so I shouldn't complain.

I'm also going through some tough financial times which was why I opened up badge commissions, go figure the first person that commissions one is so damn fickle about it.
Jul. 5th, 2006 06:28 am (UTC)
Wow, after seeing that other people have had similiar experiences with him..just wow. But yeah, as they said, only if he's willing to pay it, if not, then just regular will do. He can sit and wait for it, its worth it.
Jul. 5th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
Are you mailing it as a package, it may cost less if you can mail it flat in a (padded) envelope.
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:22 pm (UTC)
I just use a 6 x 8 bubble wrap envelope for badges :)
Jul. 5th, 2006 06:45 am (UTC)
Wow. That price is ridiculous. I can't blame you for not wanting to pay it either.

And yay for cows, eh?
Jul. 5th, 2006 07:30 am (UTC)
Just so you know, "First Class" and "Priority" are exactly the same thing. A regular postage stamp on an envelope is first class. I'd send it regular mail. The only difference between the two is that when the weight of the package exceeds 13 ounces they call it "Priority." It would be rediculous to call a tiny little package with a namebadge in it Priority. It would be weird to demand 13oz.+ rates for a measely little badge.

A padded package with a badge in it probably, by my best guess, would weigh no more than 5 ounces and that would cost a little less than $2.

Also, Global Priority Mail should've only cost you $4.25. Watch out for the boxes and envelopes that say, "Flat Rate" on them in the big red circle. They're spendy.
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I don't know how much it weighs, it's just in a 6 x 8 bubble wrap envelope, but it's definetly not more than 5 ounces.

Thanks :)
Jul. 5th, 2006 12:13 pm (UTC)
In the future, make sure you note that "Shipping prices and methods vary for outside of the USA". If he wants you to use a special shipping, that's fine! But he needs to pay for it. Not you. Regardless of anything else that happened.
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)
That's the thing though, when I put the auction up I said "free shipping" because usually badges only cost like $1 to send. I've never had any issues with anyone ever getting their art, I've sent things to Austraila without a problem. It just sort of pisses me off that he's trying to take advantage of me or something :/
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
He's not trying to screw you, he just wants his purchase to arrive safely.

Your auction did say, "Free Shipping"

BUT- your auction did not say, "Free shipping in the method of your choice"

So, If you were wondering, yes, you should still pay for his shipping- But on your terms. You are in no legal obligation to pay 16 dollars for the shipping method he wants. Let him know that your choice method of shipping is free but his choice method of shipping is going to cost him [insert amount here].

Any "moral" obligation you take on is really, well, nothing any of us but you can change.

In the future I do suggest you be more specific tho.... I had to learn the same thing as well.
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 5th, 2006 04:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Edit
Wow O__O

The badge I sent you only cost regular postage, so says my mom. XD But yeah, that's the same kind of envelope I use for all of my badges, usually doesn't cost more than a $1 otherwise.

Thanks =)
Jul. 5th, 2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
How is it $16?
I ship Global Priority all the time. It's a flat rate....$7.50. In fact, I JUST shipped Mith's badge to Canada last week, this way.

Here's the pricing structure for shipping for your badge:

Sounds like someone in your post office doesn't know what the hell they are doing?
Jul. 5th, 2006 11:44 pm (UTC)
Well, I was about to mention how he'd apparently been having computer problems for a while (I think he was without one for a bit and had to resort to usage at the library or something,) but it appears that he has one again, so that's shot.

That's all I really had to say. I live in the same city, met him, even worked at a job with him. He -is- really friendly; I never did any art for him so I can't comment on what he's like as a commissioner. I can see how he'd come off as annoying, but I don't think he means any harm by i;, perhaps doesn't realise just how irksome he's being.
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