teekchan (teekchan) wrote in artists_beware,

Tips for artists moving?

Hey AB. I'm moving, and while I do have one option for a month (October), which would include 'net and my computer, the other option, which is better in general, would leave me without 'net for a while. (First option is couch surfing, second is an actual apartment, not sure if relevant.)

I need to continue taking work in order to move, but how do I handle that while maybe not having internet?
I already know keeping in contact and informing all commissioners I'll be moving. Is there anything else I should do?

My computer is stationary.
I do not have a phone.
I do have a mobile device that can connect to wifi, but I cant eat at takeout places (McD's, ex) due to allergies, and they boot people out here, and I dont have the ID required for a library card.
Tags: advice for artists

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