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Trade Beware


WHERE: Fur-affinity


WHEN: 2 1/2 months ago

PROOF: proof behind cut

EXPLAIN:below cut

Normally I wouldn't bother with a trade, but being this was the first time I really tried to do these, it sort of tainted my thought regarding them. I highly doubt I will ever be doing trades again unless I know the artist in question very very well. Which is sad, its so nice to see other artists work.

About two and a half months ago I posted a journal asking if anyone would be interested in trades with me. I got a few responses, one of them being enelyapalantir who seemed quite excited. Screencap of our initial conversation here:

I had no other work currently going, so I was quite quick in finishing my half of the trade. I made the mistake of giving them the full file without a copyright mark on it or something. I reminded them when I handed it off that there was NO rush what so ever. Again I am new to trades so the idea of requiring a time limit didn't go through my mind. I assumed they would keep in contact with me, smiliar to a commission.

About a week or two?(furaffinity notes don't show dates my apologies) they noted me requesting I fix the face as the lines in my style made her look less feminine. I waited a week before I responded(I admit I was a bit grumpy because heavy detail lines are just how I draw) and responded this:

I got this message:

I was very warm about it, stated take your time, that date sounds wonderful and have fun moving.

Now nothing. I waited a month and sent this:

After about two weeks of no response I went to their page and posted a general shout, asking  how they were and how moving went, also asking how their side of the trade went. They posted a shout on my page claiming they sent me a message did I not get it? I responded with no I didnt, can you send it again?

Lo and behold-they deleted my shouts and never got back to me. I just(26/08/2015) posted one more message on their page seen here:


Im upset and at this point I really dont want the trade. I just want honesty. If you didn't want to do it why couldn't you have told me? Combined with one of the other failed trades I doubt ill do them anymore like I said.

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Sep. 2nd, 2015 02:55 am (UTC)
You can change the time-stamps to server time just by clicking on the "a few hours ago", ect. You can also do this with submissions and journals.
Sep. 2nd, 2015 03:40 am (UTC)
ah thank you! I wasnt aware of that. Ill have to fix that
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