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Ann Allen on Facebook

WHO: Ann Allen on Facebook, unsure of any aliases outside of Facebook


WHAT: 2 Small (about 1 inch) feral chibis (both rats), laminated & shipped.

WHEN: On June 11th, I was tagged into a posting in a Furry-Centered Art Group on Facebook by some personal friends who are moderators there. The reason is irrelevant (and I also cannot remember it), but I decided to commission the OP (Ann Allen) as they were showing off about 10 or so completed chibi pieces they had done for a group of people they were staying with at a con.

PROOF & EXPLANATION: All correspondence is/was through Facebook PM, and follows as such, censored parts are her e-mail and my work address--

First Contact (June 11th):
I give her my commission details in PM after arranging for a commission in the original post in the Facebook Group, we chat a bit about our jobs (mostly omitted from screens as it's not pertinent) and I leave her alone to it.
I ask later if she has an FA, she ignores me.
The conversation picks back up nearly a month later JULY 6th where she asks me AGAIN what styles I want:
I reiterate that I'd like just the regular, simple chibis:
The next day (July 7th) she asks me if I'm picking up at AC, when I never mentioned anything about going to AC prior to this nor on Facebook:
I inform her that I haven't been to AC since 2012 since I generally don't have the kind of funds it takes, and I again give her my address to have them shipped:
As you can see, the conversation ends there. I ask her again on the 21st of July and again a week later on the 28th of July for updates. I get silence.
At this point it's been over a month I've been waiting for two tiny, very simple chibis that I've been asked for details on more than once despite her being active on her Facebook and posting other commissions/personal art.
She had been very talkative at initial contact and then for some days after until I started asking for updates, then I started getting silence. Finally, on the 28th of July I asked for another update and postured a Beware.
She sends me a photo of an empty iPhone Box:
She claims then that her phone was broken despite never having made mention of this anywhere:
I am sympathetic, she AGAIN asks me what I ordered. I tell her, re-send our refs.
On August 13th (now it's been a little over two months) I ask her for an update:
Then again today (August 19th) I message her, and despite seeing her posting on her personal Facebook and being active on messenger, she continues to ignore me.
I believe I am now out of the range of chargeback, and for $7 I'm not exactly going to kick and scream, but I REALLY did want my art, I genuinely like her work but I'm not the kind of person that likes to be strung along.

I browsed her Facebook Wall a bit earlier and saw other people posting, asking for updates and replies to messages so it seems she's doing this to almost all her clientele while posting commissions she got for herself, etc.
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