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This is a bit of a warning about a buyer on furbid I thought I could trust, having talked to them in the past. He bids on my auction, and I e-mail him. Turns out the address he gave as an e-mail wasn't checked anymore, and the response I got when I sent one to his ACTIVE e-mail was one similar to this: "Yes, I bought it but I changed my mind. I didn't know how to use the site".

NOT A GOOD EXCUSE. It's called reading the rules/faq and such. This is the first time I've ever had to leave a negative, and it's not fun.

This is the guy, so be careful when dealing with him, just in case it happens again to one of you out there.

The person: http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction/aboutview.pl?user=dragon_morph

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