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Artists Beware: RachVerity

8th October Update: I was chatting with some others about Rach today and decided to check her Trello and noticed my Card was moved to a section called Cancelled/Refunding as shown in this screenshot: so having been almost 2 months since I last messaged her I decided I would ask her why and relayed this message: hopefully she will get back.

WHO: RachVerity

WHERE: | |
Commission List:

WHAT: 3 x Flat Colour Commissions as detailed in this picture

WHEN: Paid on 22nd December 2014

PROOF: she even posts the details on her Trello she makes later on which is clogged full of so many commissions.

EXPLAIN: Being new to commissioning I wasn't sure if 2 months was a long time for some simple art so I sent a message on February 13th asking whats up:, she replied with Okay, she's the artist, who am I to judge I don't draw so I don't know how long it could take.
On April 28th I finally get notified via a shout on my page about one piece being done. I'm excited and happy to have some progress done however it was neither done as I requested or to my characters reference. (NSFW Content) Posted Image:, my girls Ref:

I'm grateful for getting back to me and I send her a message that same day: to which she replies so its nice to see she is taking responsibility for the mistakes and is happy to fix it.

June 4th, I noted her:, her reply:
July 18th, I noted again:, her reply:

Honestly I don't know what she meant by the last note but now I'm just sick of it. I'm sick of waiting, I'm sick of the excuses and I hate the fact that I have been forced to come here and make a post just to try and get something resolved. If you're not going to do my art Rach then refund my $60, I refuse to accept and use that art drawn as it was neither done to how I asked or to my characters reference.

I'm sorry to have to bring this to A_B but I was left with no choice at this point as I feel like you have taken my money and ran.

Thank you.
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