rikkoshaye (rikkoshaye) wrote in artists_beware,

Need advice on a strange situation!

Hey guys!  I have a strange situation that I need some advice on.  On June 6th I had a client contact me via e-mail, wanting me to draw an anthro version of a feral character of theirs.  Everything proceeded as normal, and I finished and delivered the commission on August 7th.

However, a few days after I posted the finished image, I was informed that the character in fact belonged to someone completely different.  The client attached the same exact ref sheet as was linked to me in the email, only with the name removed, so it seems likely to me that they "stole" the character and then commissioned me to get art of it.  They paid for my most expensive commission tier, and didn't issue any chargebacks, so as far as I can tell they weren't trying to scam me.  They just wanted art of a character that wasn't theirs, which strikes me as really weird.

What would you guys suggest in a situation like this?  I sent the actual owner of the character the fullsize version of the commission as a courtesy, and my plan was just to ask the client about the whole ordeal.  Is there anything else I should do?  What about copyright issues?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  :)

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